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Matt Boone
Phillies are in the world series and im still pissed off about last sunday. The eagles ran the ball ten times against oakland with success. Why dont they put weaver out there with BWes and just pound the run. It really fucking pisses me off, I think sometimes andy reid would rather lose passing then win running. Look at what the Jets did against oakland, over 50 carries for 300 yards.

Can someone explain to me why he is always passing? Im serious, there must be a reason, hes not stupid right?
D Rock
QUOTE (Matt Boone @ Oct 26 2009, 04:25 PM) *
hes not stupid right?

stupid is as stupid does.

Running 11 times against the raiders certainly qualifies in most peoples' book.
It is the same thing every year. Andy passes the team into a hole. And then they play more conservative. Sometimes, they pull out in time to get into the playoffs. And sometimes they don't. It is so predictable now that it is hard to watch.
Matt Boone
Remember when mcnabb went down and garcia played, the play calling was so much better

Reid needs to go man, or just start making better decisions
mike quick
Yes, compare the team protecting (by running) its rookie QB with 4 1st round picks on the O-line that have been playing together for a couple years now and the AFC's leading rusher last year to the current Eagles.

The Eagles have a quality experienced QB, their O-line is a mess with injuries (missing 3 of 5 starters) and hasnt spent any real amount of time working together, and a back that is coming off a knee and ankle injuries.

Yes, great comparison. rolleyes.gif
I can only hope.
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