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Full Version: Need Playoff Advice!
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I made the playoffs and am not sure who to start this week. I would love your feedback. Here are my options:

QB (start 1):

McNabb - Does he play much, if at all?
Delhomme - on a roll and playing in a game that means something
Bledsoe - San Fran's defense makes this look intriguing
Collins - I have a bid for him on the waiver wire and like the KC match-up

RB (start 2):

Westbrook - Does he play much, if at all? (vs Rams 27th ranked rushing defense)
Levens - Will he get the bulk of the carries? Goal line threat (vs Rams 27th ranked rushing defense)
Jones, Thomas - He's my only real bona-fide starter
Blaylock - Injured and / or sharing touches
Wheatley - Playing KC's defense but unreliable
Smith, Antowain - I have a bid for him on the waiver wire but the Broncos have the 9th ranked rushing defense

WR (start 3):

Owens - out sad.gif
Harrison - definite starter against San Diego's 26th ranked pass defense
Smith, Jimmy - definite starter against Houston's 28th ranked pass defense
Bruce, Isaac - possible starter, depending upon Bulger or Chandler
Stokley - possible starter against San Diego's 26th ranked pass defense
McCardell - possible starter against Indy's 29th ranked pass defense

Here's the intriguing part... my opponent will probably be starting Peyton Manning. Is it smart to start Harrison and Stokley to possibly negate his points? Or should I start McCardell or Bruce over Stokley? In my league, the WR gets 6 points for TDs, while the QB only gets 4 points.


Eagles - If Chandler starts, this is an easy pick. If Bulger starts the question is how much playing time the starter's get in Philly
Bears - Playing Detroit

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
I think I would start Harrison and Stokely, especially given that WR get more for TDs than QBs. Aside from that, of the WRs you have, they are your best bet to be productive. I have Harrison and I. Bruce in my league. Harrison has been hit or miss, but on the weeks that he misses, its usually because Stokely or Wayne got the catches that week. With Peyton still looking to break Marino's record you should get numbers out of those guys. Bruce hasn't done crap this year, and don't think he's gonna put up any numbers against our secondary. Not sure if Bulger is still out or not, if he is out there's no way I would start Bruce.

I just lost the first playoff game in my league so take the above advice with a grain of salt.
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