I was blind but now I see the light, I don't sound put much but when I do its with Wisdom and Understanding.


The first three words that come to mind when I think of Andy Reid's coaching as of late. The Eagles head coach has issues....serious issues, that as a head coach is effecting his teams ability to win ball games.

Do not misunderstand me here, Andy is a GREAT "organizer", he can organize plays and play calling, DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND, Andy can organize his butt off, but when it comes to coaching a team through adversity and pressure situations, he lacks the "know how". He is VERY set in HIS ways and HIS coaching style with the lack of extensive knowledge of how to adjust to pressure situations and control adversity. We hire him in '99, lock in explosive talent with Donovan McNabb, and change around a dismal franchise.

Andy, has NEVER won a big game, he has been a "part of" but never has actually won one for himself. Now, you have Donovan, who was drafted by Andy, who has never won the "big game" and in pressure situations its only right that Donovan look to his head coach for guidance.

Donovan's inexperience in big games along with Andy's "BRETT FARVE" quaterback system, is a recipe for disaster. DONOVAN IS NOT BRETT!! Brett has his talents, Donovan has his, he is not a "pure" pocket passer, he COULD be developed into one of the greatest in the NFL, however, his development is hindered because of his head coach.

Donovan is a runner first, passer second. Which explains why Jeff Garcia did such an outstanding job as a starter, Reid threw him in and let him go at it! Jeff's improv ability with Andy's organization is a great way to win!

Now we add to the picture: (DRAFTED BY ANDY)
-Brian Westbrook
-DaShawn Jackson
-Reggie Brown
-Shawn Andrews
-Tony Hunt
-Greg Lewis
-Jason Avant
-Corell Buckhalter
-ALL OF OFFENSIVE LINE excluding Jamal Jackson(FA)

An excellent core of offensiveplayers with additions WR Kevin Curtis(STL) and WR Hank Baskett(MIN).

However, none of these players have won the "big game", lets face it, Kevin has the most experience of ALL the reciever's since he was a "part of" the "big game" with the Rams much like Andy with the Packers. Lets be real....Kevin isn't the most vocal guy when its comes to issues or pressure situations since he cant stay on the field long enough to be a part of any of them.

Now we have an offensive full of EXTREMELY TALENTED pro bowl players who have NEVER won "the big game" with a head coach who has TONS of experience and organizational skills but has never won the "big game", doesn't deal well with pressure, and disregards adversity, creating situations of uncertainty in pressure situations causing uncertain play calling resulting in uncertain performances from the players.

In a pressure situation, Donovan McNabb, who has been under Andy since "birth", much like all his drafted players, look to their head coach for answers. All of these very talented men have one thing in common, they have NEVER WON THE BIG GAME and most of them believe in Andy's disregard adversity method, including McNabb.

Now you throw a personality such as Owens into the mix, a winner, a fighter, a player with an ego the size of the plant with a passion for winning, pared with Andy Reid, the system coach, the draft coach, the run on 4th down coach....a recipe for disaster.

And it was....it really was.

Donovan was so caught up with Andy's method that it tore him and Owen's apart. If I recall correctly, they were VERY good friends, they used to watch the monday night games together!

Then came in Andy and his play calling...

What a shame, McNabb to Owens would have been one of the greatest tandems in football history.

With Reid's systematic play-calling and Owens, "do whatever it takes to win and get credit for it" attitude, the team suffered and Donovan was caught in the middle of the feud.

Donovan choose the route safest for his career and stayed with his head coach, once the two paired, #81 had to go....and so he went.....to our rivals......stupid move Andy.

Same situation with Stallworth, McNabb voices out, multiple contract issues, Andy's personal life and Shawn Andrews depression said alot about the eagles without saying a lot about the eagles.

Andy is a systematic coach who is extremely predictable with his play-calling. Against the Giants, this season, the last play of the game, Reid decides to RUN the ball??????? Why? We are NOT a running TEAM, the GIANTS KNOW THIS, so they pin their ears back. We have Westbrook, Jackson, Curtis, Smith, Brown and McNabb's ability to scramble, why would you not go 5-wide and give yourself a better chance to advance? Why? Because of pressure situations with an inexperienced systematic head coach in Andy Reid.

"Andy, we respect you as a man and as a head coach, however, your personal life comes first, take some time and address these issues. Be honest with your players when you are making decisions regarding their careers and allow the talented players to play."

There are some serious issues with Andy Reid, and now for his actions today, there are SEVERAL issues with the Philadelphia Eagles. McNabb and Reid will never play another down of football again. Its sad to say but one has to go and if history proves correct, McNabb's deal is just about up and Andy just signed, so my guess is, McNabb will be a free agent.

I will miss our quaterback, he is a great player caught in a system created by a coach who has chosen a football coaching career over his children. The brotherly love you need be concerned with is at home with your two boys, Andy, i'm sure the team will understand. Your YOUNG men need you.

It is a dark day to be an eagles fan....so many questions....so many unanswered actions from our team leadership. Is it personal or is it for the team? That's what every coach, player, analyst, and fan should ask themselves.

Thanks for reading,
Your LOYAL Eagles fan all the way from little ol' Arizona
Jay Brigham
"Free My Eagles"