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Full Version: Andy Reid goes to the drive-thru
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Courtesy of Bill Simmons' mailbag:

From a Philly fan calling himself "Andy Reid":
"So, I pulled into my local drive-thru. After analyzing the menu for 25 minutes I quickly placed my order. As I pulled to the first window I was shocked to see Donovan McNabb working the register. Unfortunately, I pulled a foot away from the window. I had no idea how to get my money in there. Do I hand it in or try and throw it? I decided it would be better to waste five minutes backing out and pulling back in. After I handed Donovan my money, he threw my change five feet over my car. After receiving my food, I double-checked to make sure I had the right order. I checked for three minutes and knew they messed it up. I pulled back to the window to complain. After giving the employee a stare of mild confusion, he informed me that I had received what I ordered. I pulled away stunned."

What the fuck is that?
Jax, I think they must allow computors in the rehabs now a days.
Reality Fan
The question is what is worse?

1. The guy who wrote it thinks it is a hoot.
2. It actually made it onto an ESPN blog as humor?
3. Somebody actually posted it here.

I guess someone got to use daddy's computer again.
QUOTE (str8-up @ Nov 22 2008, 07:20 AM) *
Jax, I think they must allow computors in the rehabs now a days.

I guess they must allow them in rehab.

Str8, have you seen the Palm Coast Tennis Center at Belle Terre? Does it look nice or run down? I am considering a job there but haven't visited it yet? I may be down your way soon.
Jax,There are 2 places on Belle Terre for tennis. We have the Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club which is run by Adult and Community Education which is very nice and then we have a new tennis facility on Belle Terre which is operated by the City of PC. Both places are pretty nice. Which one are you thinking about working at.
The City Facility.
The city's facility is new,probably not even a year old, and yes itis nice. One thing about the city of PC, they don't build anything cheap here, they take these recreational facilities pretty seriously and spare no expense. Anyhow,it will coincide with the new Town-Center they are constructing there. Here is a link if you want to check it out.
Thanks - the town center should be a big (and good) thing!
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