After eleven games, the numbers won't lie.

Passes - 234/391 (59.85%), 2782 yds (7.12 YPA), 14 TDs, 9 INTs, 15 sacks for 97 yards.

Running (all) - 239 attempts, 953 yds (3.99 ypa), 11 TDs

Strip out the QB plays and WR trickery and the RBs are left with 200 attempts, 782 yds (3.91 ypa), 9 TDs.

So we have run 630 plays of which 62.06% were passes. But let's strip out the QB carries since we don't know how many of these were intentional or scrambles. That leaves us with 591 plays and 66.05% of those were passes.

No wonder we're so easy to defend.

BTW, we're always hearing about Buckhalter needs to get more touches. It's clear from the above that the reason he isn't getting them is the over-reliance on the pass rather than the over-use of Westbrook.