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Full Version: Whatever it takes ....
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Bocadelphia Eagles John
Whatever it takes, it seems the Eagles don't have it ....

1. We don't have consistency from our QB position. After 10 years, all of a sudden it has become commonplace to hear from many quarters that our QB is "streaky". That makes me very nervous. Because it means no one can control nor predict when the streak will be on the negative. To me, it's too big a risk to work with. So I wonder how it came about that it just seems to be an "accepted" thing that is now morpning into something "acceptable".

2. We seem to have reverted back to being a defense that cannot stop the run. I thought we had turned that corner but now it seems we are right back where we started.

3. Our running game is incapable of getting critical short yards especially in the red zone. And this too now seems to have been recognized around the league and a common topic of discussion by game day announcers no matter which network is providing them.

4. After 10 years we STILL don't know how to manage a clock during the final 4 minutes of our games. You would have thought we would have rehearsed ourselves into becoming the BEST TEAM in the world at that once we blew our chances in the Super Bowl. But no. We are just as bad today as we were then, and maybe even worse than before. I don't get how it is we haven't learned. 10 years of doing the same doesn't sound like a well coached group if you ask my opinion.

5. We don't have a balanced attack, and certainly not a balanced game day plan of plays called. We've never had it with this current coach and his staff, and it looks like we never will. It seems like the "philosophy" of pass first is so instilled that it's as if we have cement shoes on us as we are being tossed into the Schukyll.

6. But beyond that, the talent selection is based on that philosophy. And yet, it hasn't worked, has it ? It got us to one Super Bowl attempt at which we failed. In the 10 years of running with this philosophy (pun intended) what has it gotten us ? Some division championships and no ring. So after 10 years one has to admit, things haven't worked out.

So now we have this season. Which kind of looks like it might be down the toilet. Although Andy is now hanging his hat on the fact and the truth that "anythning can happen". As true as it is, I doubt the Eagles can MAKE it happen. We are totally dependent on it being given to us on a plate. Which means other teams have to implode. And I don't think that's going to happen.

The Eagles don't have what it takes. And I am feeling miserable about admitting it.
D Rock
To be fair, most of what we've "achieved" under andy has been "given to us on a plate." EVERYTIME we've faced a top 3-5 team in the league, we've lost. EVERYTIME. The division caught up. The conference caught up. And we've been exposed as the "ordinary" ball club that we are. Of the coaches currently in the 100 win club, Andy has BY FAR the lowest win % against other members of the group.

It's crystal clear.
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