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Full Version: fantasy manager ripped me off
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for some odd reason, none of the points garnered by l.j., TO or westy counted for my team in week two, nor did moss' for my opponent. is there a reason for this and what's gonna be done if there's not?
Looking at your teams stats, it shows that you each got 8 pts for Moss and Owens. It also shows you got 6 for Westbrook and 6.5 for LJ.

According to Yahoo!'s StatTracker the score of your game was 83-57, but the Yahoo Matchup screen says it was 86.50-58. My game had the same discrepency, anyone know why?

if anyone is still paying attention, i think there's been some bugs with yahoo...a couple of times i KNOW i set a lineup, only to have it not stick once the games begin. i dont know if this has only happened with my team
I'm still paying attention (though from my record you might think otherwise). I haven't noticed the problem you are talking about, however. Anyone else?
it was only one week...and i went with only one D guy and no kicker...

but i won it anyway...every other week it was fine
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