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Full Version: Yo Eyrie
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Entertaining one of your countrymen (ok, women) tomorrow.

Have a client coming in from the UK.

Not sure how many "whilst's" I can take, so . . . wish me luck.

You're a smart man so I'm sure you'll cope fine but how will your Jock visitor cope with your hillbilly accent? wink.gif

Mind you, Mikey struggled to understand me when I was over wacko.gif
Turns out she was originally from Australia, so it wasn't so bad and I didn't hear a single "whilst."

Was just about to post to ask how you got on. Forgot that you were posting a day behind me reading the initial post sad.gif

Glad to hear there were no communication difficulties and hope it was also a success from a business point of view.
Thanks, Eyrie.

All kidding aside, it was very successful. Thanks for asking.
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