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Full Version: There's a new Eagle's Phan in our world....
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D Rock
Rock 'Jr.

He was born 2:56 am Friday the 13th of April.

8lbs. 10 ozs, 22" long - 10 fingers, 10 toes, and perfectly healthy.

Mrs.Rock is recovering well and the 2 year old Rockette is psyched to be a big sister.

Raise a glass (of your favorite hooch) to our newest Eagle fan.......



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Friday the 13th huh? You better hope he doesn't turn out to be a closet Cowboys fan.

Congratulations and best of luck to you and Mrs. Rock. cheers.gif
mcnabbulous is the most important thing at a time like this. And being an Eagles fan of course.

I'll Drink to That!
Congrats, D Rock! Now get an Eagles blanket in there.
Congratulations to the D Rock family! I hope you all don't have much trouble getting back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night! Even if you do, it will be worth it! Again, my congratulations.
Congrats, DRock!

cheers.gif cheers.gif
Looks like the 2029 Eagles starting QB to me...looking for an agent, give me a ring!!
ac2.gif jumpclap.gif ac2.gif jumpclap.gif ac2.gif jumpclap.gif
Good work, man. Where's his helmet?
Congrats D Rock!
Excellent D Rock. Lots of hair too, a true sign of virility. My kids are now in high school and college. Not one has enjoyed an Eagles Super Bowl victory. Here's hoping your little fella does---some damn day. wink.gif
Wass with the colors on the blanket?
You know it should be green, got to indoctrinate them early.
It looks suspiciously like the color pattern of a certain team.

But he looks like he's not quite ready for the Xs and Os.
So we'll cut you a break.

Breed on!
D Rock
Thanks all.

AF, fear not. The blanket was hospital issued gear. He'll be properly indoctrinated into the curse, not to worry. We're also quite done with breeding. We may adopt when these two go off to school, but we're closing shop for makin our own. She's been tryin to sell me on the "snip snip" but I keep askin her what my 2nd wife will think.

Phitts, I been tellin the missus for years I wanted a daughter and a quarterback. Is there a better job on the planet that backup QB in the nfl?


22" - he may be more likely a 76er...... that's long isn't it?
Congrats Big D! Don't forget...we're catching a game together this season!!
Congrats DRock!

Big sisters help keep him out of trouble.

Beautiful baby boy!!
Bocadelphia Eagles John
Marvelous, wonderful ...

Many congratulations to the proud mom and dad and big little sister ... and to the proud grandparents too, bet they're thrilled as all get out.

God bless you, dear one.
I can just hear it now...

"... and starting at middle linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles... Rock 'Jr.! (or, you know, his real name)!"

Congrats to you and the mrs.! cheers.gif
Well done, D! Wear your pride loud! Put his picture everywhere, coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats, umbrellas. They're precious when they don't know shit. You can hate them when they turn into teenagers and figure out you're just a dumbass. But until then, they are the fruit of your loins!

I also have 2 of 'em, and will go in shortly to weld my balls - figured I'll adopt next if the family gets too small, but I don't think the world is ready to for a 3rd Pilinha. Two are destructive enough.

Excellent work, man!
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