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Full Version: OT: Lost questions
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The Rock
I am not sure but is Charlie getting any action from Claire? I do not see any real affection/touching, etc. that would be ok on netowrk tv. For a young relationship I would think it would be obvious.

I say he is taking care of the kid, but is not getting any touches. He needs to move on and give someone else a crack at Claire. He is getting used.

Is Hurly getting fatter. I had read over a yr ago that the actor was dieting so his character would lose weight as would be expected for 'Hurly' on an island. But he has got to be at leasst 50lbs heavier than two seasons ago.

I was getting ready to give up the show, but the last two weeks has finally revealed enough to make it interesting again.

As to your questions, I don't really get the Claire/Charlie relationship at all. It doesn't seem all that pertinent anyway, I'm more interested in what Desmond sees. Looks like that is in next week's cards.

Hurley is definitely bigger, but he was hoarding and gorging on the Dharma food. So a case could be made for pudging up a bit more.

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