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Full Version: Our lines lost the LOS battle again.
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On the DL, Hollis Thomas looks like he needs to lose about 30-40 lbs. Walker was beat most of the time. On the OL, it looked like Anderson was the only one capable of opening holes for the running game with any consistency. And our QBs appear to be under way too much pressure. (Again, McCoo was the only one who really showed me anything in blitz pickup tonight. We'll really miss Duce there.)
Yeah, that was my big worry too. It's still preseason and it may be that Cohwer and Reid just approach things very differently. I'm sure Reid didn't want to show anything 'cause we'll be playing each other again in the reg season... could that include line assignments?

This is a nice team and I have high hopes but I have to agree with Spidey, I don't like the finesse crap. I doubt most green bleeders do either. I suspect they'll be a lot of ugly fan behaviour if this team loses with finesse... more so than if they were just pounding teams ugly instead.
I think a lot of the offensive line problems stem from playing a bunch of 3-4 teams with different blitz packages in a row while practicing against a 4-3 defense. This will pay off down the road in two ways, the players are getting a lot of experience with novel blitzes, while the coaches get to evaluate the offensive linemen against more than vanilla defenses.

That's why I'm such a strong supporter of 4 exhibition games, you need to see different looks and the backups need a lot of game time to hone their skills. If you practice every day against the same players running the same scheme you're not going to learn to deal with the 13 different defenses you'll see during the season.

As far as the D-line, I wait until I get a chance to watch these guys in slo-mo, but first impression is that Hollis doesn't look as nearly as good as last September, and he may be playing his way out of town next season.
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