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Full Version: Who will be lost for the year tonight?
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My wild-ass guess - Hank Fraley
Spider Rico
My money is on an O-lineman. Runyan is due.
TO's Sharpie
To keep with the theme I'd say Mayberry.

Fingers crossed that I'm way off.
The whining about injuries has got to stop!!!!

I Never thought that my fellow Eagles fans were such babies when it comes to injuries.

Jeez Louise. these guys aren't playing tiddly-winks and EVERY TEAM HAS THEIR AILS...

anquan boldin, jeremy shockey, Jansen from wash, Woodson from Dallas, how is the Eagles situation ANY DIFFERENT Please f'n enlighten me here!!!


Every other injured starter is simply nicked up, Buckhalter went down but he was no.2 on the depth chart.

Stop this woe is me shit it's pathetic.

Now if November rolls around and six starters are sitting out THEN YOU CAN WHINE but have some f'n pride. ac6.gif
gotta agree with J Cuz....goose frabba everyone, it's worked for me.
QUOTE (the_original_j_loewe @ Aug 26 2004, 01:12 PM)
gotta agree with J Cuz....goose frabba everyone, it's worked for me.

biggrin.gif jumpclap.gif

Cuz is making sense, but I'm getting emotional with all these injuries. Trotter, Buckhalter, Kalu, Carly Simon, ... all players I was looking forward to seeing against the G-women.
I'll nominate Staley, with Simoneau breaking his ribs and no-one else within ten yards.

No injuries for either team, please.
Think worst-case scenario: Westbrook.

(Or, for the sake of irony, Levens.)
Byron Evans
Merril Hodge!!!! biggrin.gif
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