There's some interesting drama unfolding with the Super Bowl hopefuls.

Hollywood would appreciate the script shoud the Saints make it there, for the sake of it's ravaged city and loyal fans, and a darned good rookie. It could be heart warming kind of drama.

And if Smith/Dungey face off, will that be the 1st time two African American head coaches made the NFL center stage? I don't know, but if it is, this script might appeal to a wide viewing audience. And maybe even create some impact for the future of the head coach selection process. So it could be a moment of important NFL history in the making.

As for the Pats, I think their star quality is tarnished a little, with Bill's brusque behavior towards a cameraman and his growing reputation for such gruffness. So this is the least appealing sub plot in my personal opinion.

The potential in the Eagles story would of course been the phoenix out of the ashes with the help of an aging cast off qb who sub'd for a super star. That script has gone back to the screen play team for a revision. We have to wait another time to see what story we can bring to a future dance.

I'm a little glad I found something in which to take an interest. Around midnight on Saturday I was pretty much into the off season with NFL lying very low on the interest scale. But now maybe there's something to watch for.