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Full Version: I'll be the first to say it... congrats Saints
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They played a hard game. I wish 'em luck.

The Eagles deserved to win and they deserved to lose. Andy should have gone for it on 4th and 20. McCallister was running all over the D and that's exactly what happened. Even an idiot like me knew that. At least go down trying.

And, a bitch... Cole was wrapped up on every play on the Saints final TD drive... every play he was hugged by the LT. He complained and the result was a defensive holding call that was a phantom call.

My best wishes to the respetful Saints fans who came here before the game. See ya again next year.
Yep But our Birds played their hearts out. Nothing but respect here. Peace. Bez
Bocadelphia Eagles John
QUOTE(Zero @ Jan 14 2007, 12:25 AM) [snapback]102118[/snapback]

Cole was wrapped up on every play on the Saints final TD drive... every play he was hugged by the LT.

It wasn't just that one drive. It was throughout the game. Arm around the kneck holding. And not only from the LT either. There were holds all over the field by gold helmets. I taped the game and it was obnoxious how blatant, frequent, and uncalled it went.

But ... we should have been able to overcome that and win. We didn't. And Duece carried the Saints to the win.

And our head coach threw in the towel and turned chicken on us. He should have gone for it even if it were 4th and 99 to go. Why punt? The way they were contolling the clock and you PUNT ????????

THAT IS THE MOST ASSANINE THING HE'S DONE ALL YEAR. Andy Reid gave up on his team and the fans. I don't know how in the heck he can have any self respect for himself for giving up like that. I'm stunned. Really. Stunned.

A punt. With Deuce McAllister on the other side and 2 mins to go. Ridiculous. They know how to hold the ball for 9 minutes. The last game proved that, and they showed the same tonight. With THAT staring at you,WHY THE FUCK DO YOU PUNT WITH THE PLAYOFF ELIMINATION ON THE LINE ????????????

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