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Full Version: Who Will Suck Worse
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Boy this is tough, so far they're running pretty close in the look like crap department!

QB: Testaverde and Henson v Warner and Manning
Two washed up veterans to start the season, two promising young QBs to finish the season. Testaverde is ahead of Warner, who looks older, but Manning is more polished than Henson. Tossup.

RB: George and Jones v Barber and Dayne.
Since George is washed up and Dayne actually looks mediocre since he lost weight (instead of awful), give this one to the Giants.

WR: Glenn, Keyshaun and Bryant v Toomer, Hilliard and Carter.
Toomer is the most talented of the six, Glenn is fast but a pussy, Keyshaun is painfully slow, Bryant has hands and head of stone, but Hilliard and Carter are one tackle away from IR. Giants until Hilliard gets injured.

TE: Whitten v Shockey
Shockey is great, but can he last 10 games? Whitten is very good, except with no RT he'll spend much of the season doubleteaming any LDE who's a good pass rusher. Edge Giants by a hare.

OL: Adams-Allen-Johnson-Lehr/Gurode-??? v Pettigout-Stokes-Ohara-Snee-Diehl
Left side of the Dallas line will be decent with Allen in shape, right side is shaky, Giant line is shaking all over, though it should improve over time, edge Dallas.

DL: Ellis-Glover-Carson-Wiley v Strahan-Robbins-Hand-Usimeyora
Who sucks worse? Undersized aging Dallas line v oversized aging Giant line? Depth sucks for both teams, but worse for Dallas, so Giants get a slight edge.

LB: Singleton-Nguyen-Coakley/James v Emmons-Griesen/Monk-Green
Dallas has a real MLB so they get a sizeable edge

DB: Newman-Dixon-Williams-Hunter v Allen-???-Williams-Peterson
Both teams lack depth, Dallas has two great talents, Giants have two hobbled talents, edge Dallas.

Prediction: Dallas 7-9, Giants 5-11. Only because Parcells will pull out wins over the Giants and Redskins out of his ass.
Yup - Parcells will make the difference between them. But the 7-9 will still be neck and neck with Gibbs' scrapings for the distant second place that is the best any of the three can hope for.
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