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Full Version: An Idea for the New Board
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One of the main reasons (IMO) for the acrimonius conduct that took place on the other board recently is the dearth of opposing fans (trolls, as well as the more reasoned fans) who posted. Sure they can sometimes be a pain in the ass, but they can also serve as a sort of communal urinal cake, helping to bond the WingHeads together in a mutual expression of good natured loathing.

What do you guys think about making an effort to invite some NFCEast message board members to mosy on over and check the place out? Maybe once the new WingHeads site is up?


That is all...user posted image
I think that's a fantastic idea. That's the reason, in part, that' we created the 'Pissing in the Wind' forum, and allow it to be posted to without having to register. The thought was that that might encourage fans of other teams to post there. Especially after we move their flaming posts over there.
D Rock
I would however wait until our new site, look and URL are up and running.
I concur. Have we all agreed on WingHeads yet?
My last second write in is forWingNuts!

Yeah, I like Wingnuts. Unfortunatly, so do alot of other people because the domain is already taken, for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, and .us

Sorry Zero.
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