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Full Version: Response to Mule, aka Jack Ass
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Just HAFTA respond to this donno diddly, numbskull guy! I had a life which you could never HOPE to have [edited by Facemask]!

Member since August 12th 2004, indeed! And just where in hell well were YOU during the 'dog-days" of 1998/9. You're just another "band-wagoner", who can't hope to become one of the old-time "good-guys". These boards ARE for football input, and you may be welcome and accepted for any FO)OTBALL acumen and input you care to post.

But you gotta pay yer fucking dues to gain the respect of time ... and sticking yer fucking "band-wagon" nose into things you know NOTHING about is just a mark of your "wannabe" desire. "Get a life", indeed". I'll just bet yours is a winner. And even if it is, it has NOTHING to do with this thread,

You wanna talk football? Good! Do so, and I'm sure you'll be judged fairly by all, but don't come on with judgemental OT shit [edited by Facemask].

Back off! [edited by Facemask]

DAMN. "Me too" guys like you keep rising from the sewers.
You tell 'e, goo!
Mule - don't take any offense from this crap. This guy forgot to take his medication.
Pssst. Hey, Magoo. GET A LIFE!

Neighborhood Bully
Alright, I'll play....

Magoo, tell me about your life. I want to know what is so beyond my hopes.

I'm serious.
I have been on boards since the advent of the internet. I used to access the old eagles email list on sportwave using frickin pine. I was on igglephans for a while and then came here. I have not missed a snap in 24 years.
I have never left a game until the clock says 0:00.
I am so hardcore you would burst into tears just by laying eyes opon me.
oh, I also have sense of humor.
"Go F--k yourself" - D. Cheney
QUOTE (Mule @ Aug 13 2004, 04:01 PM)

I am so hardcore you would burst into tears just by laying eyes opon me.


i was gonna say your name looked familiar
QUOTE (JB99 @ Aug 13 2004, 07:44 PM)
Mule - don't take any offense from this crap. This guy forgot to take his medication.

As someone who has been privileged to correspond with Magoo for a number of years I'd point out that was mild.

Mule - nice response smile.gif
'goo I missed yer rants fella

let's not all start listing our credentials here, weak style whizzing match IMO

goo's a great poster let's not harangue him too bad.
I feel honored to say that I consider the old fart magoo a friend.

He may be cantanqorous at times but is genuinely kind, knowlegable about more than I ever shall be, is a living American icon IMO, a soldier of 3 wars I believe and an eloquent soul. If one takes exception with his words one should not be offended but understand that he speaks as he feels and is not beyond correction or apology. He is forgiving and charitable yet intolerant of injustice and hypocricy. He is compassionate, emotional yet sensitive for all his strength and accomplishment.

Don't judge any man, especially without knowing him.

I was just being a wisenheimer.
Sorry Magoo.
and thanks for keeping us safe.
Wingspan, were you on the old sportwave email list?
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