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Full Version: Hey guys
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When I first tried the address xsv sent me, it was taking me to the main W&W page...then I realized there was a misplaced ".com" on there... dry.gif

Anyway, sorry I'm so late getting to the party. I'm too lazy to read all the posts up to this point, so could someone be so kind as to fill me in on what's happenin' here? Thanks.
Here's the summary:

Post on the Eagles talk board, not this one.
Apply for the job of graphic designer if you are interested, I nominated you (hope you don't mind)
Vote for your favorite website name on the poll under this board
We have mostly concluded that this draft was a lousy one.

Run22 (now JaxEagle - but you can call me Run, Jax, JE, whatever...)
Yeah, I just figured use the "set up" forum for setting myself up, so to speak.

I don't think I'd be a good choice as a graphic there a position for someone to sit on a big chair, with a beautiful woman fanning me with a giant leaf?
It's been taken, latecomers get stuck with the dirty jobs. laugh.gif
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