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Full Version: Suggestion for drop-down function
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There is debate about pasting articles - on one side, it's a pain in the ass to scroll though to get to posts; on the other side, if you just put in a link then people may need to register to get to the info. What would solve this is if there could be drop-down functionality on a link. So the user can create a link with a + sign next to it. When someone clicks on the plus sign, it expands to show the article, and it changes to - sign. When someone clicks on - sign, it compacts so the article is hidden. I've seen this on various web-pages, but don't know if it can be programmed into this site or not. I know you could do something like this using the Span object in HTML, and dynamically modifying the InnerHTML property, but this would require some client-side scripting. Just a suggestion for improvement, no big deal.
I think that's a pretty good idea, but it sounds like a lot of development that would deviate from the standard archetecture of the application, and I'd like to keep the architecture intact for ease of future upgrades.

In fact, the company that makes this software is releasing a new version soon that will allow the option of a 'threaded' mode. I'm currently bringing all of the scripts up to date so we can migrate to that version once it is proclaimed to be stable.

That may solve the problem entirely.
Cool, that would solve this issue.
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