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Full Version: How many mini forums do we need?
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Other than the "troll bin" and the "Set up forum," do we really need to stratify the other various topics?

Why not combine the off topic with Eagles talk, with everyone's reports (actually you might be able to convince me to keep that forum).

Just have better execution of our ideals and everything can merge together seemlessly. (Or so I'd think cool.gif )
agree 100%!
In this situation, I definitely think less is more. Fewer forums will keep the community tighter. Besides, I like having a mix if on- and off-topic stuff all on the same page...I don't like having to shuffle between separate forums.

Anyway, just my 2 cents.

Two of the biggest problems me and Eyrie had as administrators at the old forum was politial posts, and flame wars. Both tend to heavily dilute the discussion with crap that no one relly wants to read. Often, we would just delete those posts, so to most people, the board looked pretty normal on a day to day basis. The extra forums here are an attempt to allieviate that problem. We're going to allow political, religious, and flame posts, in there proper place.

I also think that by dividing out most of the regular off topic stuff, people that want to just read football, will have the opportunity to quickly find the relevent information they are looking for, while still keeping everyone 'under the same roof'.

I think that what you will find with this type of saftware, is that people that like to see the forums mixed together will use the 'View New Posts' link, in the upper right hand corner. This will give you the format you are more accustomed to.
D Rock
i agree with Sandor.

I don't want to get caught up in all the mucky muck.


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