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Full Version: One more thing about TOB and the atmosphere between us
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Bocadelphia Eagles John
I've come to realize that if I have a genuine interest in trying to promote any kind of easing of tensions between the two boards then it is up to me to do something constructive to pave the way for that.

And the ONLY thing I can do is to refrain from writing any smack about them on this site, and to stop writing any smack about them on their site. None of that helps anybody, and only helps to fan any flames with people on both sites.

Therefore today I ask for your help. I ask you to remind me, should I forget about what I just said, would you please nudge me with a reminder that I'm not helping matters if I ever appear to write anything which can be construed to be a personal insult about anybody from TOB or the group of them there.

And I also ask if my fellow posters might consider doing the same, do not write anything negative about TOB or any of the people who frequent it. If we here can collectively do that, I think that over time it could help ease tensions for any of us who want to frequent both sites and feel totally comfortable and welcomed at both sites to do so.

We have to start somewhere, and I hope it can start here.

Also, in doing this, I also have to address the issue of double standard offered by Buddyballs. He has a point. I can't go on any high horse and commit to avoid personal insults at TOB and yet fail to act the same with someone who posts here, such as BBalls. As difficult as that's going to be, I'm going to have to find a way to make sure I don't appear to ever attack him personally.

So, Buddy, your posts, or at least some of them, are very hard for me to swallow because they APPEAR to be negative and repetetivelly so. That might just be your style for all I know. So I hope I can refrain from ever insulting you. However, imagine we are in a bar, sharing a beer and you say this or that, and I then say "hey, you're full of shit". Guys do that, and I hope we can live with that. Get what I mean?

But I agree with you, if it gets personal or insulting, it's not good and it's better if it can be avoided.

Anyway .. fwiw these are my thoughts today about us and them.

mike quick
I follow what you're saying, I dumped the avatar and will play along
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