There is going to be no Kumbayah moment between both boards, so don't bother. For those who have no idea what the whole fracas is about, "About" on the top header will give you a clue, the viotriol on the TOB will explain the rest.

If you want to post on both boards, we don't care, but I'd advise using a different handle there for obvious reasons, unless you have confidence, like Patrock, that no one will abuse you.

I'd just want to make a personal request that people here not take affront at anything posted there. It's not worth while to stir the waters, it does nothing productive, and it doesn't change minds. If they want to engage in a continual pissing match, I just don't think it's worth anyone's energy to respond. No one has been insulted or vilified as much as moi, but I don't think it's worthy of a raised eyebrow anymore. If IE or IG still think there was a capital offense committed and want to whine and complain, or others need to join in a group insult hog call, that's their problem, same with people over here, if you want to take offense at someone's signature on the TOB, maybe you need to get a grip. Of course, you're free to do as you wish. I have no authority here, contrary to IE's claims, this is not "my board" and I have only moral suasion to fall back upon. I am not an admin and don't even know the identity of most of the admins.

As far as people like "Drama Queen" I have no problem with our admins blocking him, he's just trying to yank peoples' chains, we shouldn't do it there, and why should we let them do it here? It's been two years, move on folks.

Frankly, when I go there, I just treat most of the posters there the way I do a few here, consider the source and let it be. There are some people there who are funny and interesting to read (and witty and intelligent to boot tongue.gif), so I focus on that minority and dismiss the rest. Keeps the blood pressure lower for one thing, and keeps me from wasting my precious time. I do the same on the EMB.