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The "devil makes me do it"! I know this post (or myself) will be relegated there, but right now my sentiments completely parallel the comment in AF's avatar. Do we have to keep "turning our cheeks" in response to the incessant vitriol posted on TOB about this board and every member in it?!

Every coupla weeks, after I've read all our posts, I peep over there in the futile hope that one of their few remaining "decent" members (ala "Cactus Jim") might discuss a topic somewhat related to the subject of Eagles "football" and Eagles fandom.

Nah! No quiet, in-depth analysis or thought provoking "footall" items for group discussion. NONE! Jest hate fer anything in sight ! All those cqpable of it are either over here or elsewhere, yet they contend that WE're losing members while they, of course, are attracting new "band-wagoners" by the hundreds. Their "newbies" are largely sycophants - most of whom never KNEW the individuals here who they so scurrilously scorn - while trying to impress the old-line hateful hegemony. It's still jest a litany of "looka me", breast-beating bullshit!!

Yes! xsv, with your "Spitting in the Wind" category you HAVE succeeded to maintain your original objective of conducting a "football" board with reasonable decorum and reserve. It DOES comply with the original opionion of BOTH factions that "separation is the best course for everyone concerned", yet I fully agree with your threat to ban anyone (including myself) who constantly contribute ONLY negative and/or sarcastic observations about the Eagles and their methodology.

Yet, WHERE is their own "Spitting In The Wind" section to relegate the vitriol and hot-heads away from the main board, thus providing a venue for "football" discussion by a "brotherhood" of loyal Eagles fans.? They have NONE! In fact, their administrative members LEAD and condone their crude and crass comments!

More than two years after the separation they've reached an all-time low. I happened to click on a post there, and found a L-O-N-G thread exclusively devoted to the joyous excoriation of you, your board and every member of our forum. Of course, I was the "senile racist", you were accused of being everything unworthy and, as usual, AF was the focal point of the attack in every imaginable way. Unbelievable!

The fault lies directly at the feet of he who established (and still finances) TOB. For years I admired him for his objectivity, for his kindness and for his commendable function as TOB's intermediary counsellor. That's totally gone. He's overwhelmed by, and servile to, the hatefull and powerful dominance of the "de facto leader" of TOB.

And the SIMPLE solution for ending all this also lies at HIS feet. He need only establish and ENFORCE his own "Spitting In The Wind" forum (to which I'm certain this "tirade" will be relegated), and it will end quickly.

In the meantime, they'll continue to debase US (fellow Eagles fans!) with a hatred greater even than for our mutual enemies DULL-ASS, the GNATS and the DEADSKINS!

ac6.gif boohoo.gif sad.gif hunch.gif

PS: Would it be helpful to try to reopen "reasonable" personal negotiations? mellow.gif


PS: Would it be helpful to try to reopen "reasonable" personal negotiations?

No, I'm afraid it wouldn't, goo. Just leave it alone, and let it die.

It's interesting that some of the users here are upset that fellow Eagle fans on the other board are making fun of their opinions. Sounds like some of the users here may not be happy haven been ridiculed, debased, cursed at, etc by fellow Eagle fans. Yet some of these same members routinely debase, ridicule, and curse out fellow Eagle fans such as Vman and myself quite frequently.

D Rock
QUOTE(magoo @ Aug 17 2006, 10:26 PM) [snapback]80149[/snapback]

I peep over there in the futile hope that one of their few remaining "decent" members (ala "Cactus Jim") might discuss a topic somewhat related to the subject of Eagles "football" and Eagles fandom.

That's your first mistake.

I honestly couldn't care less about that old circle jerk.

Phuque em.

Don't waste your time.

I do find the angst expressed by a few here to be misplaced, after two years, enough is enough. I have a real life, and worrying about whether some nimrod like IG still wants to insult me is not exactly on the top of my priority list.

I just consider the source and move on. It's not like you're talking about people whose opinions should be taken seriously.
Bocadelphia Eagles John
QUOTE(magoo @ Aug 17 2006, 05:26 PM) [snapback]80149[/snapback]

The "devil makes me do it"!


It took me most of this w/end to come to realize that :

1. There is no going back. The clock cannot be turned back to pre-split days, and there is nothing to gain by wishing it could be so.

2. In order to be a participant on TOB one would have to buy into IE's personal hatred of AF, OB's personal hatred of you, and IE's personal hatred or Eyrie/xsv. Otherwise one would never be able to stomach all that is written there.

3. there really is no longer any benefit to being associated with TOB. Yes, there is a loss of some humor, but that's it.

4. Nothing any one of us from here says or does will have any bearing on trying to seek some kind of cease fire. There is NO avenue for any compromise

I therefore disacciate myself completely from them on a matter of principle and a regard for my own self worth and self respect.

Having had a hard w/end of debate with a huge dose of personal insult levied at me, I feel this incredible good sense of calm and peace knowing that I now know what I have to do. And what I have to do is very simple. And the only thing I have to do is to STOP going there for a peek. It will only set the red flag in front of me like a red rag to a bull and I'll get embroiled again where I am not welcome, where I do not belong, and where I do NOT want to be when all is said and done.

I've finally accepted it is better to leave it behind.

I hope you too can find your own solution one day.
Yikes this sounds kind of awful. I jsut have one place I have to deal with .Its the KC news board. The mod is a liberal and at this point in time a conservative voice in general will be banned.It is a truly insane place . Im gald this stuff dsont really spill over much into the footabll area.Anyone who wants to learn the game can really pick up alot from you folks. I know I have.Peace BEz
Bocadelphia Eagles John
Oh, and Gooster .. another thing .. and I think this IS important.... but sadly, very long.

Sometimes when there is deep division steeped in history, there is an advantage to try and understand the OTHER person's point of view and what might have formed it. And here is MY analysis of things.


1. TOB ... I believe that MANY posters over there THINK that xsv and Eyrie went behind IE's back by starting up the board WHILE IE WAS OUT OF THE COUNTRY, and after xsv had TWICE told IE he was NOT interested in starting up an alternate board and ALSO AFTER having once written (or said) "TRUST ME" in expressing his desire NOT TO start the alternate board.

So, I can see how A LOT OF GUYS might have thought this was DELIBERATELY DONE THAT WAY and I can understand that if they DO THINK THAT WAY they would see it as sneaky and cowardly and a betrayal of a trust since xsv, Eyrie and IE were somehow involved all together in running TOB. And I can undestand how they would see it as a betrayal of THEM too, not only IE, but a betrayal of the WHOLE BOARD !!!

And I CAN'T BLAME THEM for thinking that because the timing DOES NOT LOOK GOOD and it is EASY to conclude it was behind the back cloak and dagger stuff, rather than nothing more than a COINCIDENCE and NOT CONNECTED to IE's whereabout's. It DOES look shady.

I do NOT know the full facts of this part of it. But I could SPECULATE that the TIMING of the OFFICIAL SPLIT (while IE was away) was PROBABLY circumstantial and NOT a deliberate ploy by xsv and Eyrie. I TRUST this to be the case.

Why would I trust xsv and Eyrie that way? Because I observed their "beviour" or "posting style" for a very long time at TOB and their history there would be consistent with a lack of deceit on their part. And also because they have been SO WILLING to try and give an OBJECTIVE report to us about how it all went. They have always made every effort to explain and to be open about their side of it.

2. A lot of guys over there BELIEVE that Eyrie stole some information, a list of IP addresses, which was used by him and xsv in helping to launch this place. I believe Eyrie admits he had access to such an IP list but I also believe it was solely for purposes as one of the admins at TOB and that he did NOT use that info to start up this place.

But to THEM at TOB, they believe Eyrie stole the list and used it to his advantage at the expense of IE. And since the might BELIEVE that, I can ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND why they would be pissed off at us.

Again, it DOES LOOK BAD, but again I believe that list WAS USED but for a different purpose and one that was consitent with Eyrie's role as one of the admings there. So there is a HUGE misundestanding surrounding the details and the motives involved.

3. I think They BELIEVE that Moose went on a "recruiting" campaign at TOB to attempt to attract posters from there to come over here and that he used the IP or a stolen email list for that purpose. Again, I believe that Moose DID contact a SHORTLIST of people who he GENUINELY BELIEVED were INTERESTED in leaving the atmosphere of TOB behind them and wanting to have another option. So I DO believe that Moose was not attempting to sabotage TOB, I believe he was reacting only to "market forces", trying to find out which guys DID want a change. I understand he did find that core group fairly easily too.

But you can understand HOW THEY COULD GET SO PISSED OFF AT US because it DOES LOOK shady or sneaky. I believe Moose was acting in good faith, thinking he was only contacting people he had a strong sense WANTED to get out of the way of all the greif about Arlo and the treatment of others too.

So GOO ... I can really understand WHY THEy GOT SO PISSED ....

The UNFORTUNATE THING IS ... I believe there was just a HUGE BREAKDOWN in communication between IE, xsv and Eyrie, who had worked closely together, formed some frustrations over matters of internal differences, and EVEN THOUGH IE PROPOSED THE WHOLE IDEA of another board, I think he UNDERESTIMATED there were ENOUGH GUYS WHO WANTED THAT TO HAPPEN and he might have been SHOCKED when it DID happen and ESPECIALLY while he was away at the time.

So, I also believe IE did NOTHING to try and quell the troops over there. Instead I think he was UNABLE to see the bigger picture and saw the WORST POSSIBLE scenario and THAT is what he fostered with the posters there. And at the same time, xsv and Eyrie were either UNABLE or UNWILLING to connect to IE and try to calm the waters with a full explanation to him. This is all my speculation, you see. But I can imagine that this is MOST LIKELY how it all went.

So ONCE THIS BAD BLOOD WAS created, NOBODY MOVED to try and resolve it.

And there's more accusation too ... that xsv was using this place and their information to create an income stream, for example and more stuff too, not necessary for me to go at them piece by piece, there's just too much of it.

The SAD PART IS THIS .... NOBODY OVER THERE UNDERSTANDS that people like me came over here NOT BECAUSE I SUPPORT ARLO, NOT BECAUSE I AM PRO ARLO .. it is because I am ANTI BAD, UGLY PERSONAL ATTACKS ON ANYBODY . That's what drove me away, and I think that's what drove a LOT of people away and THEY cannot understand THAT so they will never understand US.

They see us as Arlo groupies, Arlo ass-wipes. I see us as good people who don't want to put up with the constant abuse that was directed at another Eagles fan, a human being, a regular contributor.

And Arlo himself, I believe, admits there was a period where he went overboard and became totally disruptive at TOB. They believe he was trying to close the place down, and that, they claim, is the major reason they wanted to get rid of him, or one of the reasons. So it just got OUT OF HAND is my opinion.

I saw it differently....I saw the man being ganged up on and it looked nasty, and personal, and to me it just did not LOOK or FEEL right for that to be.

So the bottom line for me is this. Since attitudes have become SO HARDENED it does not MATTER anymore. I can come here in peace and post as I wish and not have to either BE, or OBSERVE a gang up on any one person simply for the sake of a personal dislike for the man. I have no time for such behaviour, and certainly not in this day and age. And CERTAINLY not amongst Eagles fans !!!!

But, at the same time, I want to try and have SOME understanding of things in order to make sense of it, and now I think I have.

So, where do we go from here? We here, I believe, should refrain from talking badly of them. We here should STOP going over there and bad mouthing anyone. We SHOULD go there IF WE GO IN PEACE and can HANG OUT in peace. But if we can't, then we shouldn't go. And HERE, we should at LEAST have the human courtesy and decency to UNDERSTAND why they are pissed at us and not get too upset about their feelings on it. You know, the wounded dog thing. And on THIS site I believe we should help each other out by trying to foster at LEAST an atmosphere where we don't talk badly about them on THIS site, no matter HOW TEMPTED we might become whenever an opportunity to "loose it" presents itself.

Follow Zero's example. Talk like a man. And be cool.

Sorry to take so long. I had to get this off my chest.
Boca, I'm glad you feel you've finally come to grips with this whole thing, and now that you have, I hope we can put this behind us. I'm going to lock the thread, and suggest that if anyone has futher questions about the matter, to first read this history page in the about section (link at top of page), and the PM or email one of the administrators or moderators.

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