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Full Version: Yep, I should be sleeping. But I'll post anyway.
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I've never seen someone who calls himself a successful lawyer that is so willing to slander others. But his post sounds like the closing statement of a trail lawyer.

The poor loved fellow who was "attacked" by Magoo is named "Overbrook". Magoo called him a "walking barrell of acid". Read post made by Overbrook and decide for yourself who was right. Go back futuer than last week in case the lawyer known as RSE told Overbrook to clean up his act for a week or two, then let the lawyers rewrite history. I guarantee you that if you look at Overbrook's post over the last 6 months, you will conclude that what Magoo said was correct.

The board said that since Overbrook is a Jew, then Magoo hates Jews and is therefore a racist. There are bad in every group. And just brcause Overbrook is a Jew, it doesn't make him immune to being ceiticized for never being able to make a post without putting someone else down.

Thee is another asshole over there named bigmike. He is also a Jew in name only. He got into it with another asshole named JJ or Dopey. In the past week, RSE has tried to spin those evets. If anyone wants details, please email me and I will give them to you. And I don't care who you share them with once I give them to you. My lawyer always told me that slander is legal as long as you can prove what you say is rightl. RSE is treading on dangerous ground. But he only crossed it with Magoo.

RSE is correcct in saying that people were nice to Magoo for quite a while. But they were willing to end their friendship rather than admit that one of their core group (Overbrook) is less than perfect. Magoo used to make rings out of one dollar bills. They were called Green Tingees for years. Magoo sent IRISH GEORGE several of them for use as contest prises. Magoo gave these things away as gifts at hospitals. Go when Irish George called Overbrook a walking barell of acid, IG sent them back after dipping them in animal or human bile so that they couldn't be given to children or anyone else.

I just thought you should know something about the Saints on the other board since RSE is making a major push to rewrite history.
Unfortunatly, Moose, posts like these do not help matters in any way.

I'm closing this thread. And in the future, I'm going to delete threads dedicated specifically to posters of another board.
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