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  1. EaglesInsider: Andy Reid talks to the media at the Maxwell Football Club Awards press conference (0 replies)
  2. EaglesInsider: Ron Jaworski opens the Maxwell Football Club Awards press conference (0 replies)
  3. EaglesInsider: Maxwell Football Club Award for Michael Vick (0 replies)
  4. EaglesInsider: An update on Winston Justice's (@justiceleague74) rehab. Will his knee surgery be a concern for next season? ... (0 replies)
  5. EaglesInsider: On way to Atlantic City to cover Andy Reid and Michael Vick at Maxwell Football Club Awards banquet! (0 replies)
  6. EaglesInsider: RT @RoobEagles: Thanks to 24-hour CBA extension, Andy Reid & @mikevick can sit at the same table at the Maxwell Club dinner tomorrow (0 replies)
  7. EaglesInsider: RT @nfl: RT @InsideNFLmedia: @nflnetwork is live now with breaking #CBA news -- CBA receives 24 hr. extension. #NFL (0 replies)
  8. EaglesInsider: SI cover featuring @mikevick added to collection of SI covers featuring #eagles at NovaCare Complex on Thurs. 17 in all. (0 replies)
  9. Source: NFL, union discussing deadline extension (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  10. EaglesInsider: More RFA tenders for #Eagles: Jerome Harrison, second-round compensation. Sav Rocca, right of first refusal. (0 replies)
  11. EaglesInsider: Will be up soon, in meantime you can watch here RT @freddy531: @EaglesInsider Need the interviews in the podcast sec. (0 replies)
  12. EaglesInsider: Here is full exclusive interview with @mikevick on his new contract and offseason plans #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  13. EaglesInsider: Exclusive interview with @mikevick coming up shortly at (0 replies)
  14. EaglesInsider: On deal @mikevick "I plan on making (this) one of the best years of my life and whatever it takes to make that Super Bowl I'm going to do." (0 replies)
  15. NFL labor chronology (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  16. EaglesInsider: What's up with @bgraham54 rehab? Find out that as well as his thoughts on getting to work with Jim Washburn #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  17. EaglesInsider: RT @Eagles: Check out some great video of new Eagles DC Juan Castillo running a drill at the 2011 Combine! (0 replies)
  18. Minn. judge at center of power in NFL talks (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  19. It's getting harder for sanity to win in NFL talks (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  20. EaglesInsider: Yes, Eagles couldn't even negotiate w/ Vick, Akers RT @PhillyBoyInTN: @eaglesinsider 30% rule the reason he couldn't sign a long term deal? (0 replies)
  21. EaglesInsider: Some insight into the #Eagles round of moves today (0 replies)
  22. EaglesInsider: Can't do long-term deal until new CBA. Only option RT @Pooda_ThaDon: Oneee yearr??? Dumb RT @EaglesInsider #Eagles have signed Michael Vick (0 replies)
  23. EaglesInsider: Also, Matt Nagy has been named the #Eagles offensive quality control coach. (0 replies)
  24. EaglesInsider: ... And CB Dimitri Patterson (right of first refusal). Exclusive rights free agent Eldra Buckley was also tendered. (0 replies)
  25. EaglesInsider: #Eagles have tendered offers to the following RFAs: LB Stew Bradley (2nd round compensation), OG Max Jean-Gilles (4th round comp.) ... (0 replies)
  26. Vick signs one-year deal with Eagles (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  27. EaglesInsider: #Eagles have announced that they have signed QB Michael Vick to a one-year contract. (0 replies)
  28. EaglesInsider: Bloghead checks in with the All-Combine team, starting with the offense (0 replies)
  29. Vick signing franchise tag today (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  30. EaglesInsider: You better believe it! Congrats! RT @Ali_ALLDAY: @EaglesInsider wish this Eagles fan a happy birthday! (0 replies)
  31. EaglesInsider: According to @Jeff_McLane @mikevick will sign his exclusive franchise tender on Wednesday. (0 replies)
  32. Vick co-defendant accused of violating probation (AP) (0 replies)
  33. Profiles of NFL's 32 team owners ( (0 replies)
  34. EaglesInsider: RT @Eagles: Adam Caplan (@caplannfl) caught up with @Eaglesinsider to discuss how the NFL #Combine affected Kolb's trade value http://on ... (0 replies)
  35. EaglesInsider: @ILEADSOFOLLOW Send your mailing info to and we'll send off your prize. (0 replies)
  36. EaglesInsider: Top 5 times: @DeseanJackson10 (4.35), @Humble83 (4.38), Ellis Hobbs (4.45), Jerome Harrison (4.47), @jmac_18 (4.48) (0 replies)
  37. EaglesInsider: We have a winner! RT @ILEADSOFOLLOW @EaglesInsider Hobbs Desean Maclin Moss Harrison (0 replies)
  38. EaglesInsider: @Uptown_Roamer 4 out of 5 (0 replies)
  39. EaglesInsider: @ILEADSOFOLLOW Nope, 3 out of 5. (0 replies)
  40. EaglesInsider: Some close guesses coming in, but no one's got it yet. Hint: Though he'd certainly be in the top five, @MikeVick did not run at the Combine (0 replies)
  41. EaglesInsider: @FrankBrookes Just the five fastest official times (0 replies)
  42. EaglesInsider: @Kyle_Dwyer still 4 for 5 ... (0 replies)
  43. EaglesInsider: @NPD828 4 for 5, getting close ... (0 replies)
  44. EaglesInsider: @Kyle_Dwyer Very close, but 4 for 5. (0 replies)
  45. Michael Vick ripped for canceling appearance well ahead of time (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  46. EaglesInsider: On the final day of the #Combine, tune into @nflnetwork as #Eagles fans should be paying close attention ... (0 replies)
  47. RCS: Not all combine breakouts make it big (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  48. EaglesInsider: Fair point, April back from Combine RT @PhillyBoyInTN @eaglesinsider Shouldn't there be some insight from the LB coach since Jeanty is a LB? (0 replies)
  49. EaglesInsider: Bobby April provides some insight into the addition of LB Rashad Jeanty. Turns out the #Eagles eyed him for some time. (0 replies)
  50. Some players are a little too broke to handle a lockout (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  51. Graig Cooper on the comeback trail (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  52. EaglesInsider: RT @Eagles: Tune in to for Eagles Live! at 11:00 a.m. as we break down all the action from the NFL scouting combine. (0 replies)
  53. EaglesInsider: Inside Job, with executive producers Jeffrey and Christina Lurie, wins Academy Award for Best Documentary (Feature) #Eagles #Oscars (0 replies)
  54. EaglesInsider: This #Eagles player is a hot topic at the #Combine but is certainly not working out in Indianapolis ... (0 replies)
  55. EaglesInsider: Bo Wulf reports on who has impressed at the #Combine. You can also vote on Combine's most important drill #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  56. EaglesInsider: Tune into @NFLNetwork now and watch #Eagles Senior Assistant/WR coach David Culley helping out with the WR drills at the #Combine (0 replies)
  57. Andy Reid club gets together at the combine (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  58. EaglesInsider: RT @ekirkpatrick1: Just got my Jeremy Maclin signed @EaglesInsider magazine in the mail! (0 replies)
  59. EaglesInsider: RT @LesBowen: Browns coach Pat Shurmur said the 5 Andy Reid alumni who now are NFL head coaches had dinner w/Andy last nite. (0 replies)
  60. EaglesInsider: At Thomas Jefferson's Heart Health event today, kicker David Akers talked about his future with the #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  61. Titans decline to re-sign Jason Babin at this time (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  62. EaglesInsider: With the OL working out at the Combine, here's a look at some versatile prospects who could intrigue the Eagles (0 replies)
  63. EaglesInsider: Which #Eagles are most affected by the coaching shakeup this offseason? Tommy Lawlor explains in his weekly column ... (0 replies)
  64. Eagles GM: 'Everything is just projecting' with Kolb's trade value (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  65. EaglesInsider: Good nuggets from GM Howie Roseman at the combine on scouting OL, how the #Eagles value LBs, developing QBs and more (0 replies)
  66. EaglesInsider: Here's a different take on determining the #Eagles' needs for the upcoming season ... (0 replies)
  67. EaglesInsider: But to actually see the interview you must click here RT @CSNPhilly: #Eagles GM Howie Roseman speaks up (0 replies)
  68. EaglesInsider: Tix still available to meet Andy Reid, @mikevick among others including @SI_PeterKing at Maxwell Football Awards ... (0 replies)
  69. The Shutdown 40: #1 - Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  70. EaglesInsider: Winston Justice (@justiceleague74) underwent successful arthroscopic debridement of knee today. Full recovery expected for 2011 season. (0 replies)
  71. EaglesInsider: Contrary to reports, CB Ellis Hobbs has not made a final decision about his future ... (0 replies)
  72. EaglesInsider: @igglesblog Nice work, email your mailing info to and we'll send off your prize. (0 replies)
  73. EaglesInsider: @ekirkpatrick1 send your mailing info to and we'll send off your prize. (0 replies)
  74. EaglesInsider: So @Igglesblog is the winner part 2 as the 1st to identify all 5 (J. Adams, D. Jackson, J. Jackson, M. Jackson + J. Harrison) (0 replies)
  75. EaglesInsider: Well, we have two winners. @ekirkpatrick1 was the first to identify 4 Eagles, but, our mistake, there are actually 5. (0 replies)
  76. EaglesInsider: Which four players on the current #Eagles roster have Presidential last names? First to respond correctly wins. #EaglesPresidents (0 replies)
  77. EaglesInsider: It's time for a little President's Day contest: 1st person to correctly respond wins a copy of Eagles Insider signed by Jeremy Maclin. (0 replies)
  78. EaglesInsider: With James Urban being named WR coach for the Bengals, we take a look at some other members of the coaching staff (0 replies)
  79. Bengals hire James Urban as receivers coach (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  80. EaglesInsider: Find out what's really going on with Winston Justice (@justiceleague74) and hear from GM Howie Roseman on #Eagles Live! Tues. At 11 AM (0 replies)
  81. Frazier's coaching career had humble beginning ( (0 replies)
  82. Winston Justice could require microfracture surgery (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  83. Eagles sign linebacker Rashad Jeanty (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  84. EaglesInsider: Rashad Jeanty's football odyssey continues in Philadelphia with the #Eagles (0 replies)
  85. EaglesInsider: #Eagles have signed LB Rashad Jeanty to a one-year contract. Jeanty had 32 starts as an OLB with the Cincinnati Bengals from 2006-2009. (0 replies)
  86. EaglesInsider: Ex-#Eagles provide a different, unique and fresh voice for young players on defense ... (0 replies)
  87. EaglesInsider: Thanks to this player, a proud lineage continues with the #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  88. Speculation is Eagles could get in Asomugha sweepstakes (The National Football Post) (1 reply)
  89. The Shutdown 40: #19 - Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  90. EaglesInsider: RT @roobeagles: For the record, #Eagles have no interest in #Bob Sanders. (0 replies)
  91. Buehrle doesn't back off critical comment on Vick (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  92. EaglesInsider: The most popular team in #Madden NFL 11 (@EAMaddenNFL) during the 2010 season was the #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  93. Andy Reid receives the dreaded vote of confidence (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  94. Packers' McCarthy close to deal (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  95. EaglesInsider: Joe Banner on the decision to place the exclusive franchise tag on Mike Vick and Kevin Kolb's desire to start (0 replies)
  96. EaglesInsider: Eagles president Joe Banner reiterates team's support of Andy Reid (0 replies)
  97. Oprah only able to land Vick interview after dropping wager (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  98. EaglesInsider: RT @MikeVick: Proud to be an Eagle . 2011 will be a huge success ! (0 replies)
  99. EaglesInsider: Joe Banner also tells that Vick's franchise tag is exclusive. No other teams will have chance to bid on Vick in FA. (0 replies)
  100. EaglesInsider: Banner: We think we have a very good team, we think it will get better before next year and the goal, as always, is to win a championship. (0 replies)
  101. EaglesInsider: Banner on Akers: David's a guy we think highly of on all fronts and we want him to be part of the future. (0 replies)
  102. EaglesInsider: Banner: It's almost impossible to improve your team in Jan. + Feb., but getting the 2 consensus best line coaches we think is very exciting. (0 replies)
  103. EaglesInsider: Banner on Castillo: I've learned the hard way not to bet against people who find ways to succeed at whatever they do. (0 replies)
  104. EaglesInsider: Banner on Castillo hiring: I was very aware of Juan's long standing desire to coach defense. I was a little surprised but it made sense. (0 replies)
  105. EaglesInsider: Banner on viability of using both tags: We believe the tags will exist, have to protect our rights just in case. (0 replies)
  106. EaglesInsider: Banner cont'd: Both players made more than 30% in '10 than '09 (0 replies)
  107. EaglesInsider: Joe Banner on Michael Vick: "We have interest in (signing) him long term." (0 replies)
  108. EaglesInsider: Also, if franchise player signs elsewhere and Eagles don't match they get 2 first-round picks. No compensation if they don't match tran. tag (0 replies)
  109. EaglesInsider: Franchise avg. top 5 players. Transition, top 10. RT @picklescoffee: @EaglesInsider whats diff between trans and franchise tags (0 replies)
  110. EaglesInsider: Yes, but Eagles can match any offer. RT @Jmonah3: @EaglesInsider How does the transition tag work? Can other teams still try to sign Akers? (0 replies)
  111. EaglesInsider: Just happened this morning. RT @yungkelz91: @EaglesInsider u old as hell i new tha franchise tag was already place on mike 4 weeks ago homie (0 replies)
  112. EaglesInsider: 1-year deal valued at the average of top 10 highest-paid players at that position. RT @EL4M: Transition tag? (0 replies)
  113. EaglesInsider: Trent Cole (@Pro_Hunt58) underwent arthroscopic surgical debridement of his right elbow on Monday. (0 replies)
  114. Eagles place franchise tag on Michael Vick (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  115. EaglesInsider: #Eagles have announced they place the franchise tag on QB Mike Vick and the transition tag on K David Akers. (0 replies)
  116. EaglesInsider: WR Jason Avant talks about the team's leadership with @mikevick and Andy Reid ... (0 replies)
  117. EaglesInsider: With Washburn, scheme changes should help especially Bunk RT @kennykb58: @EaglesInsider do you believe the #Eagles need a pass rushing DT? (0 replies)
  118. EaglesInsider: Here you go ... RT @freddy531: @EaglesInsider I want to see the Howard Mudd interview!! (0 replies)
  119. EaglesInsider: #Eagles saddened to learn that Jerry Huth, a member of the 1960 NFL Championship Team, passed away on Friday ... (0 replies)
  120. EaglesInsider: Check out #ESPN's Rick Reilly's outstanding piece on Nadin Khoury, the courageous #Eagles fan who was bullied ... (0 replies)
  121. Michael Vick to appear on Winfrey's talk show (AP) (0 replies)
  122. EaglesInsider: Find out where the #Eagles' special teams ranked in 2010 after Bobby April's first year with the team ... (0 replies)
  123. EaglesInsider: New offensive line coach Howard Mudd joins us inside the studio on #Eagles Live! at 11 AM. Also scheduled to join us, Merrill Reese. (0 replies)
  124. EaglesInsider: RT @NFLPlayerDev: 3 players are shadowing @ the league office this week: @ThisIsOG, Winston Justice (@JusticeLeague74) and Nate Salley (0 replies)
  125. Eagles QB Kolb likes Arizona Cardinals (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  126. Ravens sign Marcus Paschal (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  127. EaglesInsider: Another look at how new offensive line coach Howard Mudd will impact the #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  128. EaglesInsider: Could a local college product be the #Eagles' top draft pick in 2011? ... (0 replies)
  129. EaglesInsider: Hunt notched 16.0 sacks last year, 4 more than the next back CFL sack artist. We've got your info on the newest Eagle (0 replies)
  130. EaglesInsider: #Eagles have announced the signing of DE Phillip Hunt to a 3-year deal. Hunt led the CFL with 16.0 sacks in 2010. (0 replies)
  131. No labor deal puts NFL free agency at risk in 2011 (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  132. EaglesInsider: The Eagles are confirming a report that TE Clay Harbor had sports hernia surgery and will fully recover. (0 replies)
  133. Fan perspective: The NFL labor agreement (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  134. EaglesInsider: Contrary to reports circulating, DT Mike Patterson is NOT scheduled to be a free agent in this offseason. He is under contract through 2016. (0 replies)
  135. Report: Eagles will sign CFL's top pass rusher (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  136. EaglesInsider: I think @deseanjackson10 may disagree RT @z3POrajRko: forget the draft. when do the eagles ever get anything good besides McNabb? Never. (0 replies)
  137. EaglesInsider: 25th RT @WeBleedingGreen: any chance you know what No. pick the #Eagles have in the 7th? I'm getting my Eagles blog draft ready (0 replies)
  138. EaglesInsider: Per @caplannfl the #Eagles are one of three teams interested in CFL DE Phillip Hunt who had 19 sacks over last two seasons (0 replies)
  139. Le'Ron McClain says he wants to return to Baltimore (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  140. EaglesInsider: Thanks for the catch. #Eagles have their own pick in Rds 1-5, and other picks in Rds 4, 5 and 7. Eight total in 2011 draft. @WeBleedingGreen (0 replies)
  141. EaglesInsider: Yes, we will have them all in the coming week. RT @PhillyBoyInTN: Will there be an "Inside the Studio" with Mudd? (0 replies)
  142. EaglesInsider: Outstanding segment. RT @ProFootballTalk: Great, great stuff from @deseanjackson10 on PFT Live on his efforts to help victims of bullying (0 replies)
  143. MLB pitcher not the biggest fan of Vick (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  144. EaglesInsider: With the franchise tag now available, will the #Eagles use it on @mikevick and when? ... (0 replies)
  145. EaglesInsider: Why is Johnnie Lynn so happy to be in Philadelphia? For one, he won't have to play against the Eagles (0 replies)
  146. Remember the good ol' days of Super Bowl blowouts? (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  147. EaglesInsider: What does #Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn have in store for @Pro_Hunt58, @bgraham54 and Brodrick Bunkley? ... (0 replies)
  148. EaglesInsider: O line coach Howard Mudd meets the media. (0 replies)
  149. EaglesInsider: New OL coach Howard Mudd introducing himself to Philadelphia (0 replies)
  150. EaglesInsider: New DL coach Jim Washburn meeting the media. (0 replies)
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