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  1. MLB pitcher not the biggest fan of Vick (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  2. EaglesInsider: With the franchise tag now available, will the #Eagles use it on @mikevick and when? ... (0 replies)
  3. EaglesInsider: Why is Johnnie Lynn so happy to be in Philadelphia? For one, he won't have to play against the Eagles (0 replies)
  4. Remember the good ol' days of Super Bowl blowouts? (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  5. EaglesInsider: What does #Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn have in store for @Pro_Hunt58, @bgraham54 and Brodrick Bunkley? ... (0 replies)
  6. EaglesInsider: O line coach Howard Mudd meets the media. (0 replies)
  7. EaglesInsider: New OL coach Howard Mudd introducing himself to Philadelphia (0 replies)
  8. EaglesInsider: New DL coach Jim Washburn meeting the media. (0 replies)
  9. 2011 NFL Playoffs power rankings from Yahoo! Contributor Network: End of season (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  10. 2011 mock draft 1.0 ( (0 replies)
  11. Eagles finalize coaching staff (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  12. Eagles finalize coaching staff (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  13. EaglesInsider: Information on the #Eagles coaching changes (0 replies)
  14. EaglesInsider: Finally, cornerback Isaiah Trufant claimed off waiver from the New York Jets. (0 replies)
  15. EaglesInsider: Doug Pederson promoted to quarterbacks coach. Bobby April Jr. hired as defensive quality control coach. (0 replies)
  16. EaglesInsider: David Culley promoted to senior offensive assistant/WR coach. James Urban promoted to assistant offensive coordinator. (0 replies)
  17. EaglesInsider: #Eagles have announced the hiring of Johnnie Lynn as secondary/cornerbacks coach. Duce Staley promoted to ST quality control coach. (0 replies)
  18. Local reaction: Tennessee Titans hire Mike Munchak as head coach - right decision? (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  19. Vick runs into controversy, confrontation at Dallas event (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  20. Dallas mayor disavows 'key' presentation to Vick (AP) (0 replies)
  21. Eagles name linebackers, defensive backs coaches (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  22. EaglesInsider: Eagles have named Mike Caldwell linebackers coach and Mike Zordich secondary/safeties coach (0 replies)
  23. Eagles shoot down Jon Gruden rumors (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  24. EaglesInsider: The #Eagles released a statement RE: Reid/Gruden rumor: "This was simply a rumor and there is no basis to it at all. It is simply not true" (0 replies)
  25. EaglesInsider: RT @MikeVick: That game just motivated me to work a lot harder this off season (0 replies)
  26. EaglesInsider: What will Asante have to say? @Thepresidentcb: Here is full link, looks like it broke: for live halftime chat (0 replies)
  27. EaglesInsider: Should be good RT @Thepresidentcb: tune in, heres the link: watch my halftime review n ask me some questions live (0 replies)
  28. EaglesInsider: ESPN's @AdamSchefter reports that @LarryFitzgerald wants Kevin Kolb to be Arizona's QB in 2011 ... (0 replies)
  29. EaglesInsider: A look at how the #Packers and #Steelers the #sb45 teams were built compared to how the #Eagles were built ... (0 replies)
  30. Vick wins Comeback Player award (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  31. EaglesInsider: Vick on potential franchise tag: I'm happy with it. I'm blessed. I'm just thankful to have the opportunity to play in this league again. (0 replies)
  32. EaglesInsider: Vick on Andy Reid: I look forward to working with him in the future. (0 replies)
  33. EaglesInsider: Michael Vick (@mikevick) officially named AP NFL Comeback Player of the Year taking 29.5 of the votes ... (0 replies)
  34. EaglesInsider: #Eagles fans and @mikevick fans should watch #nflnetwork for a special award presentation ... (0 replies)
  35. Texas needs late rally to save Super Bowl week (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  36. EaglesInsider: With both #sb45 teams running a 3-4 defense, how to the #Eagles beat it? ... (0 replies)
  37. EaglesInsider: A very deserving receiver will not get the call today for the Pro Football Hall of Fame ... #Eagles (0 replies)
  38. The top 10 should-have-been Super Bowl MVPs (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  39. Goodell wants to get deal done in 'next few weeks' (AP) (0 replies)
  40. Goodell wants deal done in 'next few weeks' (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  41. EaglesInsider: What does Trent Cole (@Pro_Hunt58) think of Juan Castillo and the future of the #Eagles defense? ... (0 replies)
  42. Goodell wants to get deal done in 'next few weeks' (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  43. EaglesInsider: Roger Goodell (@nflcommish) discussed @mikevick during his annual Super Bowl press conference ... #Eagles (0 replies)
  44. EaglesInsider: RT @ProFootballTalk: Roger Goodell on @mikevick: "We're looking for success stories. We're not looking for players to fail." (0 replies)
  45. EaglesInsider: Per @geoffmosher Andy Reid has talked to former Eagles LB John Bunting about LB coach vacancy (0 replies)
  46. EaglesInsider: Tommy Lawlor takes a look at something that is being overlooked in the wake of Juan Castillo's promotion ... #Eagles (0 replies)
  47. Gerald Cadogan signs with Stampeders (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  48. Bears hire Mike Phair to coaching defensive line (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  49. EaglesInsider: A look at @deseanjackson10 @centerstage67 and @toddherremans making a surprise visit to a special boy on "The View" ... (0 replies)
  50. EaglesInsider: RT @deseanjackson10 Show was hands down one of the best.. I felt this young Boi.. Keep ya head HIGH NADIN!! (0 replies)
  51. Falcons sign coach Smith to 3-year extension (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  52. EaglesInsider: According to @caplannfl, the Eagles have claimed CB Isaiah Trufant off waivers from the New York Jets. Trufant was the UFL Def. POY in 2010. (0 replies)
  53. Super Bowl QBs tough to tackle in different ways (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  54. EaglesInsider: Once upon a time, the #Eagles took a risk hiring Andy Reid. Now, Reid takes a bold leap of faith with Juan Castillo ... (0 replies)
  55. EaglesInsider: Juan Castillo's long road from one-time high school coach to #Eagles defensive coordinator ... (0 replies)
  56. EaglesInsider: A new era of the #Eagles defense is underway. And it's being led by Juan Castillo ... (0 replies)
  57. EaglesInsider: Twenty two hours that defined Juan Castillo's career ... #Eagles (0 replies)
  58. EaglesInsider: Andy Reid on the decision to part ways with Sean McDermott and the process of the ensuing search (0 replies)
  59. EaglesInsider: Andy Reid wouldn't have let Juan Castillo move to defense if he didn't have a worthy replacement to coach the OL (0 replies)
  60. Eagles promote Castillo to co-ordinator (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  61. EaglesInsider: Get to know Juan Castillo's defensive philosophy (0 replies)
  62. EaglesInsider: Head coach Andy Reid finishes in a tie for fourth place in the AP NFL Coach of the Year vote #Eagles (0 replies)
  63. EaglesInsider: Per @Greg_A_Bedard the NFL has told teams that the use of franchise and transition tags can begin February 10 #Eagles (0 replies)
  64. EaglesInsider: Castillo: Fundamentals are the key. If you want to be a good tackler, you tackle every day. (0 replies)
  65. EaglesInsider: Castillo: I'm excited to bring my coaching philosophy to larger group of players on D. I can make a difference. (0 replies)
  66. EaglesInsider: Reid Cont'd: Thought it was important to have Juan installed first, we'll finish putting the puzzle together. (0 replies)
  67. EaglesInsider: Reid: Terminology will remain mostly the same, which will help if CBA truncates offseason. (0 replies)
  68. EaglesInsider: Castillo: We're going to be fast, physical and fundamentally sound. Washburn will get our D linemen up the field. (0 replies)
  69. EaglesInsider: Reid on bringing in Mudd: We've had long term relationship and he's close w/ Mornhinweg, Castillo + Washburn. (0 replies)
  70. EaglesInsider: Reid: DC job was Castillo's to lose, but I'm still gonna cover all bases. Time was on my side, put puzzle together. (0 replies)
  71. EaglesInsider: JC on relationship w/ J. Johnson: we worked together a lot, designed blitzes together. We became close friends. (0 replies)
  72. EaglesInsider: Castillo on scheme: We hired Jim Washburn and he'll attack. We'll have back 7 complement that. (0 replies)
  73. EaglesInsider: AR on S. McDermott: Had to step back and think. He worked his tail off, did a heck of a job, but diff. direction was best for both parties. (0 replies)
  74. EaglesInsider: AR: Didn't wait until after the SB because thought this was the right decision at the right time. (0 replies)
  75. EaglesInsider: Castillo on "risk" of moving to D: All my life has been a risk. My life's always been about proving people wrong and that's what Philly is (0 replies)
  76. EaglesInsider: Reid: I take my time making decisions, that's what I do. I evaluate. Losing a great O line coach but also gain one in Howard Mudd. (0 replies)
  77. Eagles pull surprise, name Juan Castillo defensive coordinator (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  78. EaglesInsider: K David Akers has no problem with Andy Reid's post-game comment. Updates situation regarding his daughter ... #Eagles (0 replies)
  79. Brady wins top offensive player award (AP) (0 replies)
  80. EaglesInsider: Per @howardeskin the #Eagles interviewed Vikings DB coach Joe Woods on Monday for the defensive coordinator position. (0 replies)
  81. Tom Brady named NFL Offensive Player of the Year (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  82. EaglesInsider: Michael Vick (@mikevick) gets 11 votes but finishes 2nd to Tom Brady in AP Offensive Player vote. @deseanjackson10 received 2 votes #Eagles (0 replies)
  83. EaglesInsider: Kevin Kolb talks to Dan Patrick about his desire to start
    (0 replies)
  84. EaglesInsider: Jon Hoke's former boss offers praise, according to @LesBowen ... #Eagles (0 replies)
  85. EaglesInsider: The Inquirer's @jeff_mclane talked with #Packers asst. Winston Moss, who is reportedly in mix for #Eagles DC job ... (0 replies)
  86. EaglesInsider: Howie Roseman's first draft looks even better after one season according to @MelKiperESPN ... (0 replies)
  87. Eagles interview Bears' Hoke (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  88. Strong TV ratings belie Pro Bowl's irrelevance (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  89. EaglesInsider: The #Eagles announced on Monday that the team interviewed Bears DB coach Jon Hoke for defensive coordinator job. (0 replies)
  90. EaglesInsider: Per @caplannfl the #Eagles have requested to interview Bears defensive backs coach Jon Hoke for the defensive coordinator position. (0 replies)
  91. EaglesInsider: #Eagles announce there will be no ticket price increase for the 2011 season. The team has had one price increase over the past four years. (0 replies)
  92. Fan reaction: Eagles to consider offers for Kolb (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  93. EaglesInsider: At the #probowl #Eagles @deseanjackson10 said that he and @mikevick will be more a more dangerous duo in 2011 ... (0 replies)
  94. Browns hire Mark Whipple, Bill Davis (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  95. EaglesInsider: Will the Eagles really trade QB Kevin Kolb? @SI_PeterKing weighs in on the topic ... (0 replies)
  96. Eagles franchising Vick? (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  97. EaglesInsider: With 48 career Pro Bowl points, David Akers is the NFL's all-time scoring leader. (0 replies)
  98. EaglesInsider: If six extra points in the first half wasn't enough, David Akers pads the NFC lead with a 41-yard field goal. NFC leads 45-21. #probowl (0 replies)
  99. EaglesInsider: Busiest man of the night for the NFC, K David Akers who is 4-of-4 on extra point attempts as the NFC leads 28-0 in second quarter. (0 replies)
  100. EaglesInsider: The NFC squad puts in Matt Ryan to start second quarter. If @mikevick is done he finished 5-of-10 for 59 yards at the #probowl (0 replies)
  101. EaglesInsider: Adrian Peterson called @mikevick the biggest freak of nature athletically at the Pro Bowl. (0 replies)
  102. EaglesInsider: And the other Eagle playing in tonight's game, K David Akers, added the extra point. (0 replies)
  103. EaglesInsider: Sorry, @mikevick was 4-of-6 on the scoring drive with two of those passes coming on third-down conversions. (0 replies)
  104. EaglesInsider: NFC jumps out to early lead on FB Ovie Mughelli 1-yard TD run. @mikevick was 4-of-6 o (0 replies)
  105. EaglesInsider: DeSean Jackson (@deseanjackson10) may not be playing, but he is on the sidelines at the Pro Bowl. (0 replies)
  106. EaglesInsider: Pre-game, @mikevick told @jay_glazer that this week has been a great experience and to get back to the Pro Bowl is a blessing. (0 replies)
  107. Report: Vick to be tagged by Eagles (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  108. EaglesInsider: Latest on #Eagles coordinator search: A new name enters the mix and the hot name isn't apparently the top candidate ... (0 replies)
  109. EaglesInsider: Adam Schefter has reported that Eagles plan to place franchise tag on QB Michael Vick (0 replies)
  110. Eagles kicker Akers had more on his mind than football in playoffs (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  111. EaglesInsider: This potential #Eagles DC candidate is reportedly ready for the chance for be a coordinator ... (0 replies)
  112. Players hoping Pro Bowl stays in Hawaii (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  113. Search for defensive coordinator goes on in Arizona (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  114. EaglesInsider: How is #Eagles FB @leonardweaver doing with his rehab? ... (0 replies)
  115. Eagles WR Jackson replaced by Austin in Pro Bowl (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  116. Eagles WR Jackson replaced by Austin in Pro Bowl (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  117. EaglesInsider: Which players at the #seniorbowl helped their draft stock? Who could the #Eagles pick with the No. 23 pick? ... (0 replies)
  118. Top 20-yard shuttle times at the NFL Scouting Combine (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  119. EaglesInsider: An update on #Eagles DE Brandon Graham's (@BGraham54) road to recovery ... (0 replies)
  120. EaglesInsider: Another report connecting the #Eagles and Packers secondary coach Darren Perry for the defensive coordinator job ... (0 replies)
  121. EaglesInsider: According to @roobeagles the Eagles' top target for the defensive coordinator job is ... (0 replies)
  122. EaglesInsider: WR DeSean Jackson (@deseanjackson10) on his knee injury and what he wants ... (0 replies)
  123. Fisher not returning to Eagles (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  124. NFL stunner: Titans, Fisher part after 16 seasons (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  125. Surprised? Don't be over Fisher's departure (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  126. EaglesInsider: Per @Jeff_McLane it is "not true" that Andy Reid has told potential candidates that the #Eagles DC job has been filled citing NFL source. (0 replies)
  127. EaglesInsider: Per @LesBowen Jeff Fisher is not becoming the #Eagles' new defensive coordinator citing a league source. (0 replies)
  128. EaglesInsider: Clayton added that Andy Reid has told candidates for the defensive coordinator position in the past few hours that he has closed the job. (0 replies)
  129. EaglesInsider: Per John Clayton of ESPN, "Don't be surprised if (Jeff Fisher) emerges as a defensive coordinator with the Philadelphia #Eagles." (0 replies)
  130. Yahoo! Sports' All-intangible team (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  131. EaglesInsider: Four reasons #Eagles fans should pay attention to the news that Jeff Fisher is no longer coach of the Titans ... (0 replies)
  132. EaglesInsider: Per @michaellombardi Jeff Fisher "will not" be a defensive coordinator for any team next year. (0 replies)
  133. EaglesInsider: DeSean Jackson "tweaked his knee" according to an NFL spokesman and is out of the Pro Bowl. (0 replies)
  134. EaglesInsider: #Eagles already hired former Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn to coach the defensive line in Philadelphia (0 replies)
  135. EaglesInsider: If Fisher officially does not return, Andy Reid will be the longest-tenured head coach in the #NFL (0 replies)
  136. EaglesInsider: A surprise DC candidate? Sports Illustrated reporting Jeff Fisher will not return to coach Titans. Fisher began coaching career w/Eagles. (0 replies)
  137. EaglesInsider: At the #probowl @mikevick tells reporters that "Hopefully, I'll be with the #Eagles next year and we'll see what happens." (0 replies)
  138. EaglesInsider: Per @ProFootballTalk the NFL "expects" a franchise tag to be available. Also, this year's free agent class will be largest in history. (0 replies)
  139. In a sports-crazed town, Steelers are kings (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  140. EaglesInsider: Meet the only Philadelphia-area college product at the #seniorbowl and find out his connection to the #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  141. EaglesInsider: The place has emptied out a bit here at the #seniorbowl now that pads are off. Game is Sat. 4pm EST (0 replies)
  142. Michael Vick basking in return to Pro Bowl (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  143. Vick basking in return to Pro Bowl (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  144. EaglesInsider: Bo Wulf checks in from the #seniorbowl and has his eye on some potential pass-rush targets for the #eagles ... (0 replies)
  145. EaglesInsider: Per @Jeff_McLane the #Eagles did not make an offer to Dennis Allen, who interviewed here but took the defensive coordinator job in Denver (0 replies)
  146. EaglesInsider: Looking for some outside-the-box candidates at defensive coordinator? @RoobEagles does a good job listing some ... (0 replies)
  147. EaglesInsider: RT @DeseanJackson10 Early morning to PRO BOWL Practice!! Life is great!! Time to get it... (0 replies)
  148. EaglesInsider: Best players that season who have never been named to the Pro Bowl. RT @JasonAversano what is the all joe team? (0 replies)
  149. Odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  150. EaglesInsider: Congrats to LeSean McCoy (@cutondime25) and Antonio Dixon, who were named to USA Today's All-Joe Team. Jeremy Maclin (@jmac_18) snubbed. (0 replies)
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