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  1. EaglesInsider: At the #probowl #Eagles @deseanjackson10 said that he and @mikevick will be more a more dangerous duo in 2011 ... (0 replies)
  2. Browns hire Mark Whipple, Bill Davis (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  3. EaglesInsider: Will the Eagles really trade QB Kevin Kolb? @SI_PeterKing weighs in on the topic ... (0 replies)
  4. Eagles franchising Vick? (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  5. EaglesInsider: With 48 career Pro Bowl points, David Akers is the NFL's all-time scoring leader. (0 replies)
  6. EaglesInsider: If six extra points in the first half wasn't enough, David Akers pads the NFC lead with a 41-yard field goal. NFC leads 45-21. #probowl (0 replies)
  7. EaglesInsider: Busiest man of the night for the NFC, K David Akers who is 4-of-4 on extra point attempts as the NFC leads 28-0 in second quarter. (0 replies)
  8. EaglesInsider: The NFC squad puts in Matt Ryan to start second quarter. If @mikevick is done he finished 5-of-10 for 59 yards at the #probowl (0 replies)
  9. EaglesInsider: Adrian Peterson called @mikevick the biggest freak of nature athletically at the Pro Bowl. (0 replies)
  10. EaglesInsider: And the other Eagle playing in tonight's game, K David Akers, added the extra point. (0 replies)
  11. EaglesInsider: Sorry, @mikevick was 4-of-6 on the scoring drive with two of those passes coming on third-down conversions. (0 replies)
  12. EaglesInsider: NFC jumps out to early lead on FB Ovie Mughelli 1-yard TD run. @mikevick was 4-of-6 o (0 replies)
  13. EaglesInsider: DeSean Jackson (@deseanjackson10) may not be playing, but he is on the sidelines at the Pro Bowl. (0 replies)
  14. EaglesInsider: Pre-game, @mikevick told @jay_glazer that this week has been a great experience and to get back to the Pro Bowl is a blessing. (0 replies)
  15. Report: Vick to be tagged by Eagles (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  16. EaglesInsider: Latest on #Eagles coordinator search: A new name enters the mix and the hot name isn't apparently the top candidate ... (0 replies)
  17. EaglesInsider: Adam Schefter has reported that Eagles plan to place franchise tag on QB Michael Vick (0 replies)
  18. Eagles kicker Akers had more on his mind than football in playoffs (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  19. EaglesInsider: This potential #Eagles DC candidate is reportedly ready for the chance for be a coordinator ... (0 replies)
  20. Players hoping Pro Bowl stays in Hawaii (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  21. Search for defensive coordinator goes on in Arizona (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  22. EaglesInsider: How is #Eagles FB @leonardweaver doing with his rehab? ... (0 replies)
  23. Eagles WR Jackson replaced by Austin in Pro Bowl (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  24. Eagles WR Jackson replaced by Austin in Pro Bowl (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  25. EaglesInsider: Which players at the #seniorbowl helped their draft stock? Who could the #Eagles pick with the No. 23 pick? ... (0 replies)
  26. Top 20-yard shuttle times at the NFL Scouting Combine (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  27. EaglesInsider: An update on #Eagles DE Brandon Graham's (@BGraham54) road to recovery ... (0 replies)
  28. EaglesInsider: Another report connecting the #Eagles and Packers secondary coach Darren Perry for the defensive coordinator job ... (0 replies)
  29. EaglesInsider: According to @roobeagles the Eagles' top target for the defensive coordinator job is ... (0 replies)
  30. EaglesInsider: WR DeSean Jackson (@deseanjackson10) on his knee injury and what he wants ... (0 replies)
  31. Fisher not returning to Eagles (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  32. NFL stunner: Titans, Fisher part after 16 seasons (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  33. Surprised? Don't be over Fisher's departure (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  34. EaglesInsider: Per @Jeff_McLane it is "not true" that Andy Reid has told potential candidates that the #Eagles DC job has been filled citing NFL source. (0 replies)
  35. EaglesInsider: Per @LesBowen Jeff Fisher is not becoming the #Eagles' new defensive coordinator citing a league source. (0 replies)
  36. EaglesInsider: Clayton added that Andy Reid has told candidates for the defensive coordinator position in the past few hours that he has closed the job. (0 replies)
  37. EaglesInsider: Per John Clayton of ESPN, "Don't be surprised if (Jeff Fisher) emerges as a defensive coordinator with the Philadelphia #Eagles." (0 replies)
  38. Yahoo! Sports' All-intangible team (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  39. EaglesInsider: Four reasons #Eagles fans should pay attention to the news that Jeff Fisher is no longer coach of the Titans ... (0 replies)
  40. EaglesInsider: Per @michaellombardi Jeff Fisher "will not" be a defensive coordinator for any team next year. (0 replies)
  41. EaglesInsider: DeSean Jackson "tweaked his knee" according to an NFL spokesman and is out of the Pro Bowl. (0 replies)
  42. EaglesInsider: #Eagles already hired former Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn to coach the defensive line in Philadelphia (0 replies)
  43. EaglesInsider: If Fisher officially does not return, Andy Reid will be the longest-tenured head coach in the #NFL (0 replies)
  44. EaglesInsider: A surprise DC candidate? Sports Illustrated reporting Jeff Fisher will not return to coach Titans. Fisher began coaching career w/Eagles. (0 replies)
  45. EaglesInsider: At the #probowl @mikevick tells reporters that "Hopefully, I'll be with the #Eagles next year and we'll see what happens." (0 replies)
  46. EaglesInsider: Per @ProFootballTalk the NFL "expects" a franchise tag to be available. Also, this year's free agent class will be largest in history. (0 replies)
  47. In a sports-crazed town, Steelers are kings (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  48. EaglesInsider: Meet the only Philadelphia-area college product at the #seniorbowl and find out his connection to the #Eagles ... (0 replies)
  49. EaglesInsider: The place has emptied out a bit here at the #seniorbowl now that pads are off. Game is Sat. 4pm EST (0 replies)
  50. Michael Vick basking in return to Pro Bowl (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  51. Vick basking in return to Pro Bowl (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  52. EaglesInsider: Bo Wulf checks in from the #seniorbowl and has his eye on some potential pass-rush targets for the #eagles ... (0 replies)
  53. EaglesInsider: Per @Jeff_McLane the #Eagles did not make an offer to Dennis Allen, who interviewed here but took the defensive coordinator job in Denver (0 replies)
  54. EaglesInsider: Looking for some outside-the-box candidates at defensive coordinator? @RoobEagles does a good job listing some ... (0 replies)
  55. EaglesInsider: RT @DeseanJackson10 Early morning to PRO BOWL Practice!! Life is great!! Time to get it... (0 replies)
  56. EaglesInsider: Best players that season who have never been named to the Pro Bowl. RT @JasonAversano what is the all joe team? (0 replies)
  57. Odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  58. EaglesInsider: Congrats to LeSean McCoy (@cutondime25) and Antonio Dixon, who were named to USA Today's All-Joe Team. Jeremy Maclin (@jmac_18) snubbed. (0 replies)
  59. EaglesInsider: The only official comment from the team came from Andy Reid at the end of the season when he said he would like all of his players back (0 replies)
  60. EaglesInsider: Hmm. @Jeff_McLane says the Eagles have had talks with @mikevick about a new deal. @JasonLaCanfora says there have been no talks. New CBA key (0 replies)
  61. EaglesInsider: Is the next defensive coordinator on one of the Super Bowl teams? @pdomo took a look at potential candidates ... (0 replies)
  62. EaglesInsider: Tommy Lawlor (@lawlornfl) analyzes some of the players the #Eagles might be checking out at the #seniorbowl ... (0 replies)
  63. Michael Vick lands a national endorsement deal (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  64. EaglesInsider: And now, the report on the South practice #seniorbowl (0 replies)
  65. Vick signs first endorsement contract since arrest (AP) (0 replies)
  66. EaglesInsider: Bloghead checks in with a practice report for the North team #SeniorBowl (0 replies)
  67. Vick signs first endorsement contract since arrest (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  68. Polamalu, Rodgers jerseys popular among women (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  69. EaglesInsider: Per @LesBowen there's "a good chance" that the defensive backs coach vacancy will be filled by current quality control coach Michael Zordich (0 replies)
  70. EaglesInsider: Howie Roseman on the search for a defensive coordinator and how the potential lockout is affecting the team's plans ... (0 replies)
  71. EaglesInsider: South team practice underway at Ladd-Peebles Stadium (0 replies)
  72. EaglesInsider: The #Eagles have confirmed the report that Bill Shuey will not return to coach the linebackers in 2011 (0 replies)
  73. AP's NFL Awards on NFL Network during SB week (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  74. EaglesInsider: Media, scouts + agents talking to players after practice (0 replies)
  75. EaglesInsider: Full 11v. 11 portion of North team practice (0 replies)
  76. EaglesInsider: Howie Roseman and Ryan Grigson watching the North team practice closely (0 replies)
  77. AP's NFL Awards on NFL Network during SB week (AP) (0 replies)
  78. EaglesInsider: NFL Network's set here in Mobile, AL for The Senior Bowl (0 replies)
  79. EaglesInsider: Jeffrey and Christina Lurie were executive prod for Inside Job which is up for an Academy Award in Best Documentary Feature category #oscars (0 replies)
  80. EaglesInsider: Per @Jeff_McLane the Eagles and reps for @mikevick have had conversations about a new deal, but of course the CBA must get resolved. (0 replies)
  81. EaglesInsider: It's official, the Denver Broncos have agreed to terms with Dennis Allen to be their new defensive coordinator. (0 replies)
  82. EaglesInsider: Per @alexmarvez the Broncos will name Dennis Allen as their new defensive coordinator. (0 replies)
  83. EaglesInsider: Per @LesBowen the Saints believe that Dennis Allen is on the verge of leaving for either the Broncos or the Eagles defensive coordinator job (0 replies)
  84. EaglesInsider: Bloghead checks from the Senior Bowl with a Day 1 recap (0 replies)
  85. EaglesInsider: What could Jim Washburn do for someone like @Pro_Hunt58 ... (0 replies)
  86. EaglesInsider: K David Akers, SS Quintin Mikell and OT Jason Peters each named second-team All-Pro by The Associated Press (0 replies)
  87. EaglesInsider: Dennis Allen explains what it would mean to become the Eagles defensive coordinator ... (0 replies)
  88. EaglesInsider: Among the nuggets in @SI_PeterKing column is that he doesn't believe Kevin Kolb will be traded. Of course, no player trades until new CBA. (0 replies)
  89. EaglesInsider: Per @marykaycabot Juan Castillo is not a candidate for the offensive coordinator job in Cleveland. (0 replies)
  90. Senior Bowl Tale of the Tape: Locker vs. Ponder (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  91. EaglesInsider: NFL Network's Brian Baldinger throws a name into the mix for defensive coordinator that few have talked about ... (0 replies)
  92. EaglesInsider: Per @howardeskin, Dennis Allen interviewed with the Eagles today and left without a deal. More candidates will be interviewed this week. (0 replies)
  93. EaglesInsider: Per @JonathanTamari, Steelers DC Dick LeBeau says if he's stays in the state of Pennsylvania, he'll be in Pittsburgh. (0 replies)
  94. EaglesInsider: RT @dtapp91: Packers vs Steelers is gonna be a good one, would be better if it were us but still watchable. (0 replies)
  95. EaglesInsider: Are the #Eagles interested in anyone on the Bears' staff for the defensive coordinator position? ... (0 replies)
  96. EaglesInsider: How do the Eagles catch up to the best team in the NFC? ... (0 replies)
  97. EaglesInsider: Former Pro Bowl OT Tra Thomas has some important advice for Winston Justice ... (0 replies)
  98. EaglesInsider: Per Reuben Frank of, Dennis Allen has arrived in Philadelphia and will meet with Andy Reid and Howie Roseman on Sunday (0 replies)
  99. EaglesInsider: Also in McLane's report, the Eagles will stay in a 4-3 scheme, but that doesn't eliminate coaches who work in a 3-4 ... (0 replies)
  100. EaglesInsider: Per Jeff McLane of the Inquirer, the Eagles have finalized their DC candidate list. A hire will not take place until Monday at the earliest. (0 replies)
  101. Titans eye Eric Mangini for defensive coordinator (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  102. EaglesInsider: We interrupt the search for a defensive coordinator to bring you an insider's look at the QB situation ... (0 replies)
  103. NFC draft needs ( (0 replies)
  104. EaglesInsider: Nate Allen on his recovery: I'll be 100 percent by training camp ... (0 replies)
  105. EaglesInsider: The latest on the search for a defensive coordinator including why you might want to keep an eye on Sunday's games ... (0 replies)
  106. Browns name Dick Jauron defensive coordinator (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  107. EaglesInsider: Dick Jauron has officially been named the new defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns. (0 replies)
  108. EaglesInsider: RT @caplannfl: Browns officially named Dick Jauron as their new DC. (0 replies)
  109. EaglesInsider: Will Washburn's hire mean a change in the way the defensive ends are used? ... (0 replies)
  110. Top 5 bench press records in NFL Combine history (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  111. EaglesInsider: Per the Denver Post, the Broncos have met with Dennis Allen regarding their DC job. Allen reportedly will meet with Eagles this weekend (0 replies)
  112. EaglesInsider: If Jauron is indeed headed to Cleveland, could another Eagles' assistant follow him? ... (0 replies)
  113. EaglesInsider: A unique look at new defensive line coach Jim Washburn, courtesy of NFL Films ... (0 replies)
  114. EaglesInsider: With Dick Jauron reportedly headed to Cleveland, where does that leave the Eagles with their search? ... (0 replies)
  115. EaglesInsider: Per Mary Kay Cabot (@marykaycabot) of the Plain Dealer, the Browns are expected to name Dick Jauron as their new defensive coordinator (0 replies)
  116. EaglesInsider: RT @dtapp91 Jan 21st is a great day in history. Happy bday to the greAtest wife I have ever had. ... How many have you had? (0 replies)
  117. Wannstedt, Browns meet (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  118. Packers' Williams replaces Samuel in Pro Bowl (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  119. EaglesInsider: Asante Samuel will also not be participating in the Pro Bowl, according to @AdamSchefter. He will be replaced by GB's Tramon Williams. (0 replies)
  120. EaglesInsider: According to Adam Caplan (@caplannfl), Jason Peters has pulled out of the Pro Bowl and will be replaced by Falcons OT Tyson Clabo. (0 replies)
  121. EaglesInsider: RT @caplannfl: Eagles special teams quality coach Jeff Nixon left the team today to take a job with the Dolphins as RB coach. (0 replies)
  122. EaglesInsider: Andy Reid named league's most outstanding coach and Michael Vick (@mikevick) named the outstanding Pro Player of the Year by Maxwell Club (0 replies)
  123. EaglesInsider: RT @jwyattsports: Former #Titans def. line coach Jim Washburn: "I have no buyer's remorse.' Hired by Philly, he said it was time for cha ... (0 replies)
  124. Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie going to Pro Bowl (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  125. EaglesInsider: DE Brandon Graham (@BGraham54) named to Pro Football Focus' All-Rookie Team ... (0 replies)
  126. EaglesInsider: Per @Jay_Glazer Dennis Allen will meet with the Eagles this weekend regarding the defensive coordinator position (0 replies)
  127. Which NFL players have had the most Pro Bowl appearances? (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  128. Now, despite reports to the contrary, the Eagles have neither asked nor received permission to talk with Ravens LB coach Dean Pees. (0 replies)
  129. Per Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Eagles have received permission to interview Ravens LB coach Dean Pees (0 replies)
  130. Eagles have requested permission to talk to Ravens LB coach Dean Pees about D coordinator vacancy, per Adam Schefter (0 replies)
  131. Jim Mora withdraws from Denver, Philly job searches (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  132. Eagles have asked for and received permission to interview Saints DB coach Dennis Allen for defensive coordinator position (0 replies)
  133. Carolina Panthers hire Sean McDermott (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  134. Panthers hire McDermott as defensive coordinator (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  135. EaglesInsider: Tommy Lawlor looks at who should be the next defensive coordinator and whether a change to the 3-4 is in the works ... (0 replies)
  136. EaglesInsider: One of the rumored candidates for defensive coordinator reportedly drops out of the running (0 replies)
  137. EaglesInsider: RT @Jay_Glazer: Just got a call from Jim Mora Jr., who said he's decided to take his name out of denver & philly jobs, didn't think they ... (0 replies)
  138. Top 10 Pro Bowl players in NFL history (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  139. EaglesInsider: Reaction coming fast and furious regarding the hire of Jim Washburn as the team's new defensive line coach ... (0 replies)
  140. Eagles hire Washburn to coach defensive line (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  141. EaglesInsider: RT @jwyattsports: #Titans DE Jason Babin on Washburn's departure: ?It stinks that he?s leaving. He?s the greatest position coach I?ve ev ... (0 replies)
  142. EaglesInsider: Andy Reid and Jim Washburn weigh in on the newest addition to the Eagles' coaching staff (0 replies)
  143. Eagles close in on Jim Washburn to coach D-line (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
  144. Eagles wooing Titans coach Washburn? (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  145. Irsay ready to begin negotiations on Manning deal (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  146. Pick by pick: A countdown of the NFL's best draft picks, from #441 to #1 (part 1) (Associated Content) (0 replies)
  147. Packers' investment in Williams paying off (Yahoo! Sports) (0 replies)
  148. Packers counting on aggressive, stingy defense (PA SportsTicker) (0 replies)
  149. Rivera begins filling out staff at Carolina (The Canadian Press) (0 replies)
  150. Super Bowl odds reboot (The National Football Post) (0 replies)
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