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Posted by: Zero Oct 30 2017, 05:20 AM

I'm not sure if it was the ignominy of being usurped by Kelly, the year of reflection that ensued or the admission that he's not really a "football guy", but it's beginning to look like Roseman transformed from a misplaced, Machiavellian geek to an effective GM. And it started with the moves he made to acquire 11.

I thought that Philadelphia’s front office was foolish to take [Wentz] second overall, directly ahead of Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott, and Jalen Ramsey. And the Eagles didn’t just take Wentz second overall: They traded the Browns a slew of draft picks to acquire the rights to the no. 2 pick that they used on Wentz, and most analysts at the time agreed that Philly paid too steep a price. According to the draft value chart created by Football Perspective, the Eagles would have made a roughly fair deal if they had sent the Browns their first-, third-, and fourth-round 2016 draft picks in exchange for the package headlined by the no. 2 selection they used on Wentz. Philly did that—but also included a 2017 first-round pick and a 2018 second-rounder. That made the trade a rip-off, per projections.

I’ve long subscribed to the Belichickian mind-set that a team is better served by having more draft picks than by having a single high draft pick. The logic is twofold. The first part is that for as good as scouts are, drafting is a crapshoot. Players can get injured, have off-the-field problems, or—sit down for this one—simply fail to become as effective as scouts expected. ...

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